20 Gluten Free and Dairy Free Easter Brunch Recipes

April 9, 2017Living Freely Gluten Free

For most of my life we went to a family member’s house for Easter. As I became an adult I appreciated this because I would contribute a side dish and dessert was all I had to do. When I became gluten free, this became more of a challenge. Wondering if I would be able to eat anything at all. My family did try to accommodate me, but there were still times I became sick.

When my Son went gluten free it became even more of a challenge. He was only one year old and had to trust what the adults gave him. There were times when he was given food he wasn’t supposed to have and I was always resentful afterwards. It is difficult when people don’t understand.

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When we moved to Washington State it was a sigh of relief, but also depressing. I no longer had to worry about other people’s dishes, because it was all on me. Everything on the menu I chose and cooked in my gluten free kitchen. That was the plus, but being without my extended love ones is very difficult for me and my children.

I am hoping in a few years I will have gotten some of my family and friends to venture up this way. It is so beautiful in the Pacific Northwest and an amazing place to raise a family. The trees and fresh air always make things better. The rain could take a step back though.

I wanted to share with you 20 gluten free and dairy free delicious recipes that are simple, delicious and beautiful! These are perfect for Easter brunch or any gathering that you might be having. Party season is upon us and nothing beats a beautifully displayed dessert. You don’t even need to tell them its gluten free. All of these recipes are approved by my friends and family who eat gluten.

So, print a few recipes and enjoy your Easter or any gathering that you might have this spring and summer.
These sweet little muffins are healthy, easy and perfect for a brunch display.
Adults and kids will go crazy for these delicious Funfetti cake donuts drizzled with strawberry glaze.
You can never go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries. Add some festive sprinkles.
This chocolate fudge is as simple as it gets and everyone will want a piece.
These healthy pancakes are perfect to feed everyone.
I make these blender muffins at least once a week. With banana, chocolate chip and peanut butter they are sure to be a hit. There is also no refined sugar or flour.
Nothing hits the spot like a banana nut muffin.
These are perfect for the chocolate lovers.
Simple to make and beautiful to display.
2 ingredients fruit dip will go perfect with the colorful fruit you have laid out for brunch.
This moist banana bread tastes just like Grandma Olga’s.

These healthy and simple overnight oats taste just like chocolate no bake cookies. Make mini shooters to have out for brunch.

These French toast sticks will be perfect for brunch.
Moist and rich chocolate cake donuts.
This is my Husband’s favorite meal. He waits all year for this ham. If he’s lucky I make it for Thanksgiving too.
Delicious and creamy coconut cream pie.
Grandma Olga’s rice pudding made dairy free. It is amazing and my favorite dessert. Display it in tea cups.
This beautiful sweet potato hash is healthy and delicious.
This healthy and delicious granola will be perfect to use to make little mini parfaits.
This is the healthiest a deep fried oreo could get.

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