Gluten Free Snacks For Kids

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It’s that time of year where we are setting the alarms and getting up extra early to pack lunches and snacks for our kiddos with food allergies. As a multiple allergy family I am always looking for delicious and somewhat healthy snacks that BOTH of my kids can eat. It’s hard and they do have a handful of their own snacks that they can’t share, but in this post I wanted to share some gluten free snacks for kids and gluten free school snacks.

Gluten Free School Snacks

My kids are pretty typical in the fact that they love cookies, chips, and other junk. I allow it in moderation and we have some of our favorite brands that provide these things but they are much healthier than the alternative.

In this post I will share our favorite store bought snacks and then some links of things that I make very often for my kids that are homemade and favorites!

What are some gluten free snacks for kids?

First I am going to start with Graceland Fruit. They offer 100 calorie snack packs now that are school-safe, allergen-free, non-gmo, and gluten-free. They taste amazing and have only 3 simple ingredients. I love making a trail mix with them or using them in muffins, granola and cookies.

Backpack with fruit snack packs

Veggies Made Great is a brand that we have been buying for sometime. They are gluten and dairy free, easy to find and taste delicious. My kids love the double chocolate and chocolate chip muffins. They are stored in the freezer, so you don’t have to worry about them going bad.

muffins on a plate with a box

Munk Pack Protein Cookies are the perfect gluten free snack for kids that is loaded with protein and calories. They are filling and delicious, so I love to have these on hand.

cookies on a plate with boxes

Enjoy Life Crunchy Mini Cookies. Need I say more? Enjoy Life is a pioneer in the allergy free community providing fabulous treats and snacks that are safe from the top 8 allergens. We love ALL of their products, but these individual packed bags of mini cookies are a winner for us. They are perfect for backpack snacks and my kids are obsessed with them.

Gluten Free Snacks

Larabar Gluten Free Bar. Larabar has been our go-to since the beginning of our gluten free journey. There is a flavor for everyone. My kids love the peanut butter chocolate chip and chocolate chip. My favorite is the cashew cookie and the brownie.

Katz Gluten Free is a brand that we have been enjoying for YEARS! They are located in the freezer section of a lot of natural grocery stores, but they offer awesome sales on their website all the time. Everything comes frozen, so it is super fast shipping. These are the perfect treats to keep in the freezer for school parties, birthday parties and just because you want some delicious baked goods. Everything I have tried is amazing. They have cupcakes, donuts, heavenly crème cakes, hand pies, bread, buns, and sooo much more goodness.

Box of Katz donuts


Annie’s Gluten Free Granola Bars are something I pack in my sons backpack everyday. These have always been a favorite of his.

Annie’s Gluten Free Cookies are delicious. I am guilty of taking a few handfuls from time to time. My daughter likes having them in her lunch box and sometimes as the school snack too.

Kinnikinnick Vanilla Wafer Cookies are AMAZING! These are the only vanilla wafer cookies I have found that are safe for both of my kiddos and Kinnikinnick is a brand that I love.

Kinnikinnick Gluten Free Animal Cookies are so much fun! These are safe for both of my kids and what kids doesn’t love an animal cookie? I pack these for snack often.

Homemade gluten free snacks for kids

Here are some of my kids favorite gluten free school snacks that I make for them often…

All of these simple recipes are kids approved, mostly healthy and delicious enough for everyone in the family to enjoy. What are your kiddos favorite gluten free school snacks?


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