Summer Birthday Party

by livingfreelygf

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Summer is in full swing, and for my family that means party after party. We have tons of summer birthdays, so this means I am hosting a lot.

In California, it gets scorching hot this time of year, so I had to brainstorm some indoor party ideas. With the temp at 97ºF, taking the party outdoors was not an option. I still wanted it to feel like a fun summer party, just with the A/C cranked up the entire time.

Indoor Summer Party Ideas

This year, my hubby turned 38 and I wanted to have a fun, yet casual, get together for him that included all of our family. We have a big family and that means big messes. I realized the night before that I had forgotten to purchase napkins for the party, but remembered I had several rolls of Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels on hand, so I simply put them out on the tables and it was genius!

I did a fun summer picnic theme with tablecloths, plates, and then I had the cutest patterned hot dog boxes. It came with hamburger boxes too, but I used those for the fries instead.

Summer Party Food

For summer party food, we did what reminds me of summer- hot dogs! We served regular gluten hot dogs for my guests and gluten free hot dogs for those of us who have allergies. To go along with the hot dogs, I served garlic fries, kale salad, and my Grandma’s famous broccoli salad.

putting paper towels on the counter to clean up

I made chocolate cupcakes from my cookbook and then doubled the cake recipe to make an ice cream birthday cake. For the ice cream center, I used the vanilla ice cream recipe from my cookbook and frosted it with the chocolate buttercream recipe from my book as well.

grabbing a paper towel at the table

The cake was a hit and there were only 4 slices left after the party. An ice cream cake is always perfect for a summer party. It was cool, refreshing, and absolutely decadent.

wiping a spill off of the counter

Indoor Summer Party Ideas

Family gathered at the table laughing

Having an indoor party and all of that summer party food in the house made me feel a little stressed. However, having Brawny® Tear-A-Square® rolls on all of the tables made it super easy for everyone to grab what they needed. I love how you can quarter the paper towel which makes the perfect napkin. My guests also loved this! I made a few stacks of the quarter sheets and left those to be used as napkins.

Boy eating and wiping his mouth

At the kids table I used a full-sized sheet to put under plates to make clean up easy. Then, if someone had a spill, they were able to rip off what they needed and clean it up. I will always be placing Brawny® Tear-A-Square® on the table for every party from now on. Best idea ever!

Fries on a plate with napkins

Summer Birthday Party

The god coming to the table

My dog Gwenie was pretty happy about occasional food falling on the floor, and the guests who snuck her food she shouldn’t be eating. A few times water got spilled, but I wasn’t stressed because we had the Brawny® Tear-A-Square® half sheets that cleaned it up easily.

Papertowels and the dog

Everyone had a great time which is the most important part of hosting a gathering. I try to keep it as simple as possible and plan ahead so there isn’t a lot of stress the day of.

hot dogs on a table and paper towels

I even caught some of my family trying to swipe my Brawny® Tear-A-Square® rolls on their way out. What is your favorite indoor summer party ideas?

Hot dogs on a plate with paper towels




table with food plates, and paper towels

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