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Naked Nutrition Protein Cookies Review

Naked Nutrition has a brand new product out and I am excited to share it with you.  They recently came out with protein cookies, so here is my Naked Nutrition Protein Cookies review. 

Have you ever tried Naked Nutrition protein mix? They reached out to me earlier this year to try their mixes. Since they had a vegan and corn free mix I was excited to try it. The mix truly blew me away because its made with very clean ingredients. The flavor is amazing and my entire family loves it. You can read the review HERE, I also have a delicious protein Pancake Mix recipe in this review.

Naked Nutrition Protein Cookies Review

Naked Nutrition Protein cookies on a plate with packaging

This review has been sponsored by Naked Nutrition, but all opinions are mine. We believe in sharing all of the gluten free goodness. 

When Naked Nutrition reached out to me and told me they were launching cookies we were very excited. We enjoyed the protein mix so much that a cookie was a great idea. 

They currently have 3 flavors to choose from. These flavors are not dairy free, but hopefully some vegan options will be on the horizon…

For this review we are going to talk about the Chocolate Chip because it’s a classic go-to flavor that is always a crowd pleaser.

First I want to say that the size of the cookie is substantial. It’s big and thick, but still soft and chewy. 

My husband described the taste as similar to the cookies he used to buy out of the vending machine. 

That seemed like the ultimate compliment to me because these cookies are made with better for you ingredients and packed with delicious protein.

The cookies are filling and are the perfect snack to pack when you are traveling, on the go, or just want to have something satisfying and delicious.

Naked Nutrition Protein Cookies Review

naked nutrition chocolate chip cookie on a plate with packages of cookies around it

Some of my favorite things about these Naked Cookies are…

  • 10 grams of protein
  • 1 gram of sugar
  • Only 8 NET CARBS, (I have done Keto and for a cookie this size that is amazing)
  • 200 calories per cookie
  • It is made with almond flour, so they are gluten free, plus it is soy and GMO free
  • You can taste the freshness of the cookie, these are yummy!

Finding Naked Nutrition at any big box store isn’t easy, yet. This company is still growing and expanding and I’m honored to help spread the word. 

The easiest place to find the products right now are on Amazon. 

I also recommend trying the protein mix, it is the absolute best! We use and love the Naked Pea vanilla mix. It is pea protein based and has just a couple of super clean ingredients. It’s the bomb!

So, make sure to check out these cookies and all of the awesome products that Naked Nutrition has to offer. 


Need some yummy gluten free inspiration? I’ve got you covered…



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