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Flax 4 Life Brownies

This post is sponsored by Flax 4 Life. I believe in sharing all of the gluten free goodness with you and flax 4 Life is one of my favorite brands for muffins and brownies. Thank you Flax 4 Life!

I discovered Flax 4 Life at my local grocery store right after going gluten free. They carried carrot muffins and those were a favorite of mine at the time. I would buy a pack each week and eat half a muffin with my morning coffee. It was a special treat I looked forward to every day.

Flax 4 Life Brownies

A few years ago, before my Grandpa had passed , he was having more and more health issues and I wanted him to snack healthier. I would buy the carrot muffins and we would share them over a cup of vanilla tea. Even though I can no longer physically do this with my Grandpa, I feel him in spirit when I enjoy a carrot muffin and tea.

Flax 4 Life is a brand that I am obsessed with for several reasons. Here they are…

  1. Flax 4 Life is made with good for you ingredients.
  2. All of the snacks are gluten, dairy, corn, and rice free.
  3. They taste absolutely amazing.
  4. Everyone in my family loves them.

Those are just the main reasons for why Flax 4 Life has become a part of my family. They are a brand that I love and trust.

Flax 4 Life Brownies

Most recently I discovered the brownies and let me tell you they are little bites of heaven. There are several flavors available now and I am obsessed with all of them! The kids love the traditional Chocolate Brownie, but the Toasted Coconut and Dark Cherry Brownies are my favorite. The Cappuccino Brownie is perfect to go along with your morning cup of coffee.

Flax 4 Life even has cakes that are amazing, especially if you are headed to a party and need something for the kiddos. The brownies make the perfect snack while working on homework after school.

They are great to keep on hand for classroom parties too. The mini muffins taste like chocolate cake, so my kids are very happy to have them.


Flax 4 Life Brownies


In conclusion, Flax 4 Life is a brand that I love and trust. Everything they make tastes amazing and their products are something that my entire family enjoys. You can click HERE to find Flax 4 Life in a store near you. What is your favorite Flax 4 Life item?

Flax 4 Life is kind enough to be giving away a huge prize pack full of delicious snacks and swag as part of the 10 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS. Enter to win below!


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