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My Dining Room Makeover

After living in our house for a year and knowing we wanted to stay, it was time to do a dining room makeover on a budget. I had some fun dining room makeover ideas with a vision in mind. This blog post is all about our dining room makeover 2021. If you love before and after dining room makeovers then read on! 

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dining room makeover with shiplap

My style is a little all over the place. I love so many different types of interior design, so it can be difficult for me to buckle down to say, my style is….. However, I always gravitate to the farmhouse style. Gosh, I love it so much! 

My house though is a little on the modern side. We purchased it brand new and some features were already chosen such as the cabinet colors and bathroom counters. We couldn’t go back.

Dining Room Makeover 2021

Shown above is the Hearth and Hand Doddy Rubbed Table Runner

Stoneware Dinner Plate from Hearth and Hand

4 Pack Bold Stripe Napkins Set

Dining Room Makeover

dining room makeover with a table and bouquet of flowers

We love our home, but knew that we wanted to warm it up a bit by adding some fun farmhouse elements sprinkled throughout. 

In our front room there is a sitting room with a formal dining attached. It gives an open concept, but the space is my “adult” space. When we were looking for a home, that was something I LOVED. In every home we had there was just one shared living and dining space, so having a formal area was very appealing to me.

The dining area has a large wall that needed something. We bounced ideas back and forth on just painting it, adding wainscoting, or doing shiplap. 

If you follow me on IG you might have seen that I did a poll, lol. My realtor was very enthusiastic about shiplap and we decided to go for it.

The main changes we made in this space was…

  • shiplap
  • installing our Lights.com Prospect 4 Light Linear Pendant in Bronze
  • dressing up the dining room table
  • simplifying my china cabinet, which will be painted eventually
  • decluttering the space

One of my best girlfriends is an interior decorator, so she came and did a brainstorm with me and we drew out the layout. We played around with a few ideas and I loved having the wreath centered above the china cabinet.

Dining Room Makeover on a Budget

The china cabinet is a family heirloom, so at some point when we have free time I plan to repaint it because we have to keep it. My Grandmother bought it for my Great-Grandmother and now it is mine. It’s special and they don’t make furniture like they used to. 

We are also planning to hang up some family photos and at some point I might get rid of the wine cabinet and add a tree instead. 

Now that we have tackled the dining room we are on to finishing the kitchen. Would you like me to share that process on the blog too?

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Before and After Dining Room Makeovers

pin for before and after dining room makeover

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  1. Wow jen! This is gorgeous!! I would want to cook just to be able to eat in that space.

    1. livingfreelygf says:

      Thank you so much Natalie, we are really enjoying it.