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KiwiCo Review

One of our favorite homeschool STEM activities has been Kiwico. We use it for STEM building and also to supplement our social studies curriculum. In this post there is our kiwiCo review, a kiwiCo promo code and our KiwiCo Atlas Crate Review.

We have officially been homeschooling for a year! This year has been FULL of ups and downs, that’s for sure. In the beginning it was great and then we hit a wall and I know Covid played a huge part in this.

Not having the ability to get out and allow kids to have fun made this year more challenging than it should have been. The kids had their own emotional ups and downs and so did I.

Being their only person 98% of the time drained me. We had some funk that is for sure. But, we made it through. 

I’m not going to lie- I had several moments that I had my mind set on sending them back to public school when things cleared up. But, I had to keep reminding myself why I wanted to do this in the first place. Our relationship as a family is so incredibly close. Most of the time I love having my kids with me all day. 

With all of this time at home we needed fun and educational activities and the Atlas Crate has been something that my kids really have looked forward to!

KiwiCo Reviews Homeschool STEM Activities

My son is the builder and my daughter is the crafter. Each of the Atlas Crates come with something to build and something to craft. 

We start by reading the packet that comes with it about the country. You build a book with these papers. Then they do their activity. It also comes with a recipe and sometimes directions to play a game that is popular in that country. I like to make this a half day fun day and after they finish their craft we make the recipe, but adapt it to be gluten free. This has been such a hit with the kids!

Having this hands on activity has made them want to learn even more. They seem to absorb the information better when all of the parts are in front of them in a fun activity versus just watching a video, or reading a book.

In your first box you also get a map, so you can mark all of the places you have learned about. We hung it up in our school space and the kids love looking at it and asking questions about different places.

KiwiCo Atlas Crate Review 

Every month they look forward the box and I will tell them if they do good with their lessons all week we will do it on a Thursday. This keeps them motivated.

Below is video with our England box. I unbox it and show what we did. The kids had so much fun with this one!


In addition to the boxes we have done STEM activities too. My daughter built a unicorn hat that lights up and my son has made a robot, angler fish, and most recently a speaker. You can buy the boxes a la cart and that is what I did for their Valentines gift this year. 

KiwiCo promo code

KiwiCo is kind enough to provide all of you with a discount on your first box. Click HERE and use the code: Share30 and you will get 30% off of your box!

Easy homeschool STEM activities 


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