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Sifter: Diet-Specific Grocery Shopping

I want to introduce everyone to Sifter; a new website created for diet-specific grocery shopping, where you can find, explore and buy products that fit your personalized diet, medical conditions and lifestyle diets!

This post was sponsored by Sifter as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Sifter: Diet-Specific Grocery Shopping

This is amazing for those who are new to checking labels, or maybe you’re sending your kids to stay with family who may not know the ins and outs of navigating food labels. This would be such a life saver in those situations!


Sifter does several things and that is why I love using it! 

You start by creating your personalized diet-specific profile (you can also create multiple profiles within your account if have several people in a household following a diet or avoiding certain foods.) You can set up for allergies, health conditions, or diet-specific, such as paleo, keto, sugar free, etc. 

Once you create your profile, you can start sifting to find products that follow your profile’s dietary needs. The site will give you a list of recommendations, or you can click on the type of foods you are specifically looking for. 


The selections will come up on the screen and you can click the item to read the ingredient list, find out all of the nutritional facts, product highlights and where to purchase.

Another great feature is the ability to ‘Buy Now,’ which will display a list of retailers that you can purchase your products directly from. For example, Amazon and Walmart show up for me.


I love this because I can now create my grocery list while doing my meal planning! 

There is also a Recipe Sifter feature where you can copy and paste a recipe URL and it will tell you if the recipe fits your diet requirements! Talk about taking out the guesswork. 

If you have family members or friends who often want to know if you can eat something (within your specific diet), this is such an awesome tool for them to be able to navigate products with ease! There is even a search bar where you can type a product name and the information will pop up. This is very useful when nutrition facts may not be available.

Click HERE to create your own Sifter account and get started!

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Sifter Shop for Personalized Shopping


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