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Bookshark Science Review

Here is another post in my homeschool curriculum reviews series. I recently shared our Language Arts BookShark Review and now I am sharing our BookShark science review. 

This review has been sponsored by BookShark, but all opinions are ours and I only share things that we love! 

BookShark Science Review

kids sitting at the table using our bookshark science curriculum

We started using BookShark last year and science was the first curriculum that I used. Homeschooling was very intimidating for me and science was something that felt completely out of my element.

First of all, science is definitely not my strong suit. My brain isn’t wired that way. Teaching science was something that I simply could not, or would not want to do on my own.



I spent a lot of time trying to wrap my brain around what we would use for our science curriculum. The crazy thing is that there are very few all inclusive homeschool science curriculums. Most of what I found was bits and pieces. Nothing was a full blown curriculum. 

bookshark science curriculum on the table

Having needed some support on what to teach and how to teach it, BookShark seemed like the perfect fit for us.

My kids LOVE the science curriculum because it hits all of the learning styles and if your child learns one way then you can spend less time concentrating on what they don’t enjoy and more time on what they do.

kids flipping through a bookshark science book

All of your lessons are planned out for you and this was the best part! There is no guesswork and it is super simple. 

You start by reading from one of the readers, we would do this together. Then the kids will do a worksheet and watch a video.

kids flipping through a bookshark science book

The curriculum comes with a DVD and science experiment box and kit. Once a week the kids would do an experiment and they loved this! A few of the experiments required small household items like a 2 liter bottle or paper clips, so if you can look over the materials list the week before to make sure you have them on hand then you will be good to go.

BookShark Review

kids reading books from the bookshark science curriculum

My kids loved the BookShark science curriculum so much that when I started thinking about our curriculum for this year I knew I wanted to use it for more subjects.

We are a busy family and I also own my business. On top of that school wasn’t something I excelled in, so having a curriculum that is easy to follow was essential. BookShark allows me to do this and I know that the kids aren’t missing anything, there are no gaps in the curriculum. 

kids doing coursework from the bookshark science curriculum

So, if you are someone who doesn’t have the time to come up with elaborate science experiments and an entire years worth of curriculum then I would suggest giving the BookShark science a chance. It is a great starting point with their curriculum and I am sure you will love it as much as we have.  

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