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BookShark Language Arts Review

We just finished up our second year of homeschooling and while it was a tough year given the worlds circumstances, it allowed our family the wonderful gift of time and learning. Obviously in the beginning of our journey I was looking for homeschool curriculum packages. Language arts was a struggle finding something, but I came across a few BookShark curriculum reviews and read them, because I wanted to know, is BookShark good? We have been using it for a year now and I am excited to share my BookShark Language Arts Review with you. 

This post was sponsored by BookShark. They kindly gifted us our curriculum in exchange for a blog post. These are all our opinions.

BookShark Language Arts Review

child sitting at the counter doing work with the bookshark language arts review

Our first year of homeschooling I struggled with Language Arts Curriculum. For a newbie finding a homeschool curriculum package would have made things easier for me. So, when I was looking for our LA for the next school year I decided to go with BookShark for the convenience.

I love that you can get all of your needs in one package. At one point I had so much language arts curriculum that I became overwhelmed and stressed out. Since I am a visual person I felt the need to accomplish all of the work instead of just taking what I wanted from each one and leaving the rest. Also, it seemed that my kids were not getting everything they needed from those curriculums.

Homeschool curriculum packages

the entire bookshark homeschool curriculum package

BookShark is a literature based curriculum that has the kids reading all day. If your kids are readers then this is the perfect choice for you!

When I was planning our curriculum, finding grade level books was a huge struggle for me. However, BookShark takes all of that guesswork out for you. They send you all of the readers your kids will need for the entire school year.

Each day there is a reader that you read with the kids and one that is grade level for their independent reading. Your curriculum is completely laid out for you. No prep is needed, you simply open and go- I love this!

Typically I will look over the upcoming week on Friday just to know what we have going on. 

BookShark curriculum is a 4 day curriculum which is amazing. My kids go to enrichment one day a week, so this works perfect for us!

Is BookShark good?

child sitting in a chair reading from the bookshark language arts curriculum

BookShark is awesome! My favorite part is how easy it is to use, it’s all there for you with no guesswork. Over the past year I have gained a lot more self confidence homeschooling, but in the beginning when I felt lost and unsure this was so helpful.

You also don’t have to worry about missing anything. That is one struggle I have had with homeschooling, stressing that I missed something, or my kids aren’t getting everything they need. 

BookShark ensures that your kids will be getting everything they need to succeed.

BookShark curriculum review

child sitting at the table doing work from the bookshark curriculum

Another aspect I like is instead of using grade levels to choose your curriculum they have letter based programs A-J. One of the reasons we decided to homeschool is because my son was falling behind. Public school wasn’t serving him well and we had to go back and review things that he didn’t learn. 

You also get answer keys and notes in which help me a ton! It’s been a lot of years since I was in school and refreshers definitely help me to explain it to the kiddos. 


It took me some time to realize that their learning didn’t have to be categorized by grade and now they are learning at whatever level serves them best. It took sometime to readjust my mindset, but we are finally there.

So, if you are on the fence and you want to know if BookShark is for you, ask yourself…

  • Do I need something with minimal to no prep?
  • Do your kids enjoy reading?
  • Do you want a curriculum package that makes it easy for you to know that your kids are on track?

If you answered yes, then BookShark is for you! 

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child sitting on a chair reading from bookshark language arts curriculum

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