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Better Batter Coupon Code

Better Batter Coupon Code- Get 30% off your Better Batter Gluten Free Flour with the code: Livingfreelygf . You can use this to purchase the revolutionary Better Batter Artisan Flour as well. If you want to purchase a sale item the code, livingfreelygf10 will get you 10% off all sale items. What is in Better Batter Gluten Free Flour?

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For the past 10 years I made my own all purpose flour. That was because many years ago when I went gluten free there were not the same options as we have now. All the store bought flour blends were expensive and disappointing. 

Better Batter Coupon Code : Livingfreelgf gets you 30% off

code: livingfreelygf10 gets you 10% off sale items

Having been a gluten free blogger for almost 10 years now, I have built an amazing community of friends in the industry. One of my friends is a recipe developer for Better Batter. He was testing out their Artisan blend. Watching the amazing and delicious baked goods he was making with this rice free, gum free flour had me sold!

I purchased a 5 pound bag of the Artisan blend and LOVED everything I made with it. So, after that I tried the regular all purpose flour as well as their baking mixes. I truly have never loved any gluten free flour like Better Batter. 

What is in Better Batter Gluten Free Flour? 

Better Batter gluten free flour blend contains the same ingredients you will find in most gluten free all purpose blends. You will find rice flour, starch (potato and tapioca) plus xanthan gum and pectin. 

In the Better Batter Artisan Flour you will find that is free of rice because it is sorghum based and instead of xanthan gum they use psyllium husk as the binder. This blend is incredible and you are trying to avoid rice and gums then you must give this blend a try. 

Blueberry Scones on a plate with a box of Better Batter Flour

In addition to the flour blends they also carry several baking mixes. We have tried them all and they are absolutely fabulous. They go on sale a few times a year too, so that is the perfect time to purchase and stock up!

Now when I get asked what is the best gluten free flour I am happy to say that it is Better Batter Gluten Free Flour! 


Need some delicious recipes to make with your Better Batter Flour? I’ve got you covered…


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