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Gluten Free Legoland California

My family and I recently traveled to Legoland for a family vacation. After being on lockdown for over a year I received an email about Legoland opening back up. We needed a family trip and I impulsively booked it and it was well worth it! We went not knowing if we would have many gluten free options for Legoland California. In this post I will answer some hot topics like, Are Legoland Apple Fries Gluten Free? Can you bring food into Legoland California? Is Legoland California fun for adults? Then I will also share what we ate and our overall trip.

At first when I booked the trip I wasn’t even sure if we would have many options for eating gluten free at Legoland California. After doing some research I knew there would be burgers. So, I planned for us to eat breakfast and lunch in our hotel room and then possibly venturing out of Legoland for dinners, or having food doordashed to us.

Gluten Free Legoland California

We stayed at the Legoland Castle Hotel and if you plan to travel to Legoland I highly recommend staying at one of the hotels (there are 2). You are literally located on the side of the theme park, so you walk out of the hotel and you are at the entry gates to the theme park. It is truly the most convenient theme park we have stayed at. 

The hotel was part of the overall experience. The rooms are all themed out and you can pick what theme you want. I chose the Wizards theme because we are huge Harry Potter fans and I knew both kids would love it. 

The hotel room had led lights, murals, Legos, and the kids even had their own little section with bunk beds and a tv! We had some issues with the cleanliness of our room, but the staff was very friendly.

There are amazing Lego statues everywhere and a treasure chest in each room. You will answer some questions with clues for the code to open the chest. In the chest are some fun small Lego kits to keep the kids busy. 

Our hotel room had a view of the outdoor theatre, pool, and playground. We loved being able to people watch from our room and it was great to be able to watch my husband and kids when they ventured out a few times while I got ready or did some work.

So, I would say the hotel itself was 50% of the experience, especially since the park wasn’t fully open even though it was supposed to be. We spent the day at the park and then the kids would swim in the afternoon.

There is a restaurant in the hotel and they were very careful and accommodating for us. They have gluten free burgers and pizza, but for dairy free as well, my only option was burgers and fries. We ate burgers and fries 3 days in a row, lol! The burgers were delicious by the way.

You could also order salad, but they did not have any dairy free dressing, so I ate mine naked. I will say that the produce was so fresh and delicious that it was not even a big deal.

Breakfast comes with your hotel room and you let them know you have an allergy. A chef will always come out to discuss options and then they will make it themselves (similar to Disney). We have several safe options for breakfast such as eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, omelets, and fruit. 

There are also 2 bars on site, one is located next to the restaurant and the other is in the pool area. Both had some great drink options including Truly, Cider’s, and I even think they had hard kombucha. The bars also had a lot of safe snacks. There were chips, Epic bars, pork rinds, Justin’s peanut butter cups, gf vegan cookies, and more. 

In the morning there is breakfast and fun exercise with a Lego character. There are also meet and greets with Lego characters throughout the day.

Can you bring food into Legoland California?

We packed our lunches and ate at the park everyday. However, there is gluten free pizza and I believe burgers too, but we didn’t try. A lot of the restaurants were closed, so it was a good thing we had lunches. For lunch we packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, and muffins. The kids were perfectly happy with this. In addition to lunch we had all of our snacks and bottles of water packed too. 

So yes, you can bring food into Legoland California! 

Are Legoland Apple Fries Gluten Free?

Are Legoland Apple Fries gluten free? OMG, yes they are! I had heard the rumors and once we passed by the Apple Fry booth I had to know! I asked the server and she said that all of the apple fries are already gluten free and she gave me a quick run down of the ingredients and how they are made. Surprisingly there are minimal ingredients and I just opted for no whip topping since I am dairy free. They were absolutely amazing and I wish that we would have ordered more than we did!

Is Legoland California fun for adults?

So, for my concluding topic, I want to say that Legoland is fun for adults when your there with your kids. It is designed for younger children. My 6 year old was able to ride all of the rides including the roller coasters. Kids ages 3-13 will have fun, especially if they are avid Lego fans. However, past that age and your teenagers might not be into it. If I was not taking excited kids, this would have not been the trip for me. 

So if asked, is Legoland California fun for adults? My honest answer is not totally, unless you are there with your kids. Watching them have fun makes it fun. 

Legoland is another family destination that I will recommend for gluten free families. We enjoyed our try and will likely go back again before our kids are too old. You better believe I will be eating ALL of the apple fries too, lol!

gluten free donuts in Carlsbad CA

Also, before you head out of Carlsbad, CA there is a delicious donut bakery that offers gluten free and vegan donuts. The gf vegan donuts are baked donuts and I am assuming this helps them prevent cross contamination. They also kept the gf donuts away from the others which was great. The bakery is called The Goods, located on State St. 

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