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Gluten Free OREO Cookies

The time has come where the world no longer must ask, “Are there gluten free OREO cookies?”, or “Are OREO Cookies gluten free?” I am so excited to answer the question, “Does NABISCO make gluten free OREO cookies?” with a “YES!!!!”

This post has been sponsored by NABISCO. These opinions are honest and we believe in sharing all of the gluten free goodness and these gluten free OREO cookies have all of the goodness! 

Does NABISCO make gluten free OREO cookies?

Package of gluten free double stuffed oreo cookies

Yes, my friends, NABISCO has launched the pre-order of the Gluten Free OREO cookies and the exciting part is that these are also vegan.

I did not tell my kids about the cookies because I wanted to see the joy it brought them, especially for my 9 year old son who has struggled watching kids eat things that he could not have. My daughter has been mostly homeschooled and hasn’t seen all of the snacks that other kids eat, but he has and has always been aware of what others can have.

2 packages of gluten free oreo cookies on a table with a kitchen towel

When packages arrive the kids are always wanting to know what is in them. After opening the box with the NEW Gluten Free OREO cookies and showing the packaging to my 9 year old, I had wished my camera was on.

Are there Gluten Free OREO Cookies? YES!

He was in complete disbelief to see that the packaging said gluten free on it. What is also super cute and very smart is that the cookie itself says gluten free around the OREO cookie. This makes spotting safe cookies easy! Absolutely genius! New OREO Gluten Free Cookie. The OREO Taste You Love.

stack of gluten free oreo cookies on a table My mother was over when I opened the package and she is not gluten free. My kids immediately offered to share the cookies and she really enjoyed them.

Grandma and kids sitting at a table eating gluten free oreo cookiesIt was awesome to see my kids enjoy something they have only heard about, especially with their Grandma! My son did not know what to expect, but he was surely not disappointed and we are very happy to have Gluten Free OREO cookies available to us.

Grandma and granddaughter enjoying gluten free oreo cookies together

The beauty of having an option now is when friends or family ask, “are there gluten free OREO cookies” we can say yes!

Every day since the cookies arrived my son has been asking me for a cookie. Since they are still on pre-order we have been rationing them, so he looks forward to having a cookie or two each afternoon after lunch.

Having been gluten free for almost 10 years now and having kids with food allergies/intolerances there have been many restrictions. Because of this my kids get told no a lot, or you can’t eat that. Sometimes it breaks my heart.

Are Gluten Free Oreos Vegan?

Yes, gluten free oreos are also vegan! Oreo gets it, having a delicious cookie that is both gluten free and vegan helps the allergy community tremendously!

Package of gluten free oreo cookies with someone taking one

However, to see brands like Nabisco make gluten free OREO cookies makes my heart feel overjoyed. Something as simple as sharing gluten free OREO cookies with my kids and knowing they can share with their friends as well brings happiness.

Are OREO Cookies gluten free?

These certified gluten free and vegan OREO cookies are available for pre-order right now through Walmart.com. Make sure you click HERE to pre-order your cookies because I am anticipating this to be HUGE for our community. We will be stocking up!

I love ordering on Walmart.com too because you get free shipping with orders over $35, so we will just be stocking up on the double stuffed and regular flavor.

Gluten Free OREO Cookies

Even if you aren’t gluten free, but maybe have a friend or friend’s child who is, wouldn’t it be so kind to keep these in the pantry for when they come over? Since they are both gluten free and vegan you can spread the love to avoid many dietary restrictions.

gluten free oreos on a plate with a package of oreos next to it

Make sure to head HERE and place your pre-order. Once you receive your gluten free OREO cookies make sure to post on socials and tag me, we will love seeing it and sharing the joy with all of you!

(you will see the pre-order option when you click on the product!)

gluten free oreo cookie dipping into a cup of milk

Once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts Nabisco! We hope this trend will continue. Enjoy my friends!

cup of milk with a stack of gluten free oreo cookies and the packaging behind

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