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What is BookShark Virtual?

If you are new to the blog I have talked about BookShark several times. While homeschooling I found BookShark to be the easiest to follow homeschool curriculum, but was also fun and engaging. You can read my other review posts such as, BookShark Language Arts Review and Bookshark Science Review. Most recently though BookShark has launched a virtual platform called BookShark Virtual and today I am going to talk to you about it and also answer the question, what is literature based curriculum. 

This post has been sponsored by BookShark. We believe in sharing all of our favorite things with you and BookShark has been a huge part of our homeschool journey. Thank you BookShark!

BookShark is a literature based curriculum and what that means is that you are teaching through reading. You will find that the bulk of the curriculum is all of the books you will read. If you, or your student love to read then this is the perfect curriculum for you. 

Kids sitting at the table using bookshark literature based curriculum

Each subject has readers and your daily work comes from reading the readers, some are together and some are independent. After reading you will talk about what was read and some subjects have worksheets to complete when you are done.

What is BookShark Virtual?

BookShark Virtual offers you and your students the ability to see each days lesson online and then the student can complete their assignments online as well. 

Through our homeschooling journey I have found that I craved something more digital, less papers, and an online organization that has everything right at my fingertips.

Copy of what the schedule for BookShark virtual looks like

My favorite part of BookShark Virtual is allowing my older child to be more independent. Having to tell him what his assignments were everyday was becoming an issue.

BookShark Virtual allows your student to log in each day and see what they need to do. They then can do their work and answer the assessments. Once they are done you can do the group work together and it keeps everything in one portal for easy access and tracking. 

It also auto grades most of the assessments, and whatever needs manual grading, you will go in and enter that grade for your students. You can leave feedback on their coursework as well. Going in and grading their work is very simple.

student sitting and working on BookShark virtual curriculum

You can also customize all of their work by adding questions into the assessments. You can truly tailor this curriculum to your needs. 

What I found to be incredibly convenient was the grading portal. Since we homeschool through a charter school I have to turn in our monthly curriculum along with grades. Having everything in a portal made this so much easier in comparison to how I was doing it before. Previously, I was using a planner and trying to cram everything into it and then keeping all of our worksheets to reference. This has provided so much more organization to my life! 

Have more questions about how all of it works? You can check out all of the BookShark Virtual Youtube videos HERE


What is literature based curriculum?

Literature based curriculum is for those who love to read. Your main learning material is through the readers. Your students will have independent books and then there will be readers that you read together. There is a lot of reading and talking about what you read and then answering questions about it.

Student sitting and reading from the BookShark curriculum

If your child loves to read, or maybe you do- then literature based curriculum is the perfect way to go!

If you are looking for a fun literature based curriculum that is very easy to follow, but want digital modernization- then this is the curriculum for you! 

What has your biggest homeschool curriculum struggles been?

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