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Easy Vegan Pomegranate Shaved Ice Recipe

Let’s make a simple yet delicious easy vegan pomegranate shaved ice recipe. It is very easy to make healthy shaved ice!

This post has been sponsored by Hawaiian Shaved Ice. We believe in sharing all of the gluten free goodness. 

For a long time my kids have been asking for a Shaved Ice Machine. With food allergies we can’t just go out and have these. Having our own allows us to create whatever we want, safely.

With my son having a corn allergy, all flavored syrups are off the table. However, you can make your own flavorful treats at home, safely.

For this recipe we wanted to feel festive. The holidays are rapidly approaching, and I wanted something that would feel fun and taste delicious.

I also have a few variations for this recipe to make it exactly what you are looking for. 

Easy Vegan Pomegranate Shaved Ice Recipe

When thinking about what I wanted for myself in a shaved ice recipe, the first thing was that I wanted healthy shaved ice.

I also wanted something elevated, sophisticated and fun. 

Living in California we have pretty warm weather during the fall. Just last week it was mid 80’s. 

Making an easy vegan pomegranate shaved ice recipe is perfect for those nice days when you want a cool treat.

Healthy Shaved Ice

If you purchase a shaved ice machine the possibilities are endless for creating healthy shaved ice. One of my favorite ways to achieve this is by using our favorite organic juice for the flavoring.

Any juice will do and allowing your kids to pick their own will make these a very fun experience.

When the package came in the mail my son was so excited. He immediately took it out of the box and set it up. For 2 days straight he pestered me to use it, but we needed to wait for the ice to freeze- that was the hardest part. 

He is pretty handy and wanted to make his own and some for our friends who were over, so with my supervision he made cherry shaved iced for everyone.

Since he can’t have corn syrup, he used strawberry lemonade for his and loved it!!

For the adults we had pomegranate.

How to make easy vegan pomegranate shaved ice

Prep the day before by filling the plastic cups that come with your shaved ice, 3/4 full. Place them in the freezer and allow them to freeze overnight. This also gives you time to shop for the ingredients if you would like. 

It is as simple as putting the disc of ice in the compartment and placing a cup underneath. You then press the button and shaved ice starts popping out, voila. Easy peasy.

Top and enjoy!

For this pomegranate recipe I bought pomegranate juice and used a squeeze bottle. I keep them on hand for icing, but it worked perfect for the shaved ice.

I coated the ice with the juice and garnished with fresh mint and pomegranate seeds.

If you like it sweet…

  • Add some simple syrup to your juice. The pomegranate juice I bought wasn’t incredibly sweet, but we liked it.

If you want to really have some fun…

  • Add some champagne. This would be great for an adult’s holiday party!

If you want to make your own healthy shaved ice, I have a coupon for you…

You can grab your own Hawaiian Shaved Ice machine HERE and use the coupon code SHAVEDICE10. I have the Home Pro Ice Machine. 

This makes a great holiday gift!



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