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Favorite Winco Finds

I just recently moved back to the PNW (Pacific North West my peeps). Ya, I really do love it here. I just recently came to terms with the fact that I live crazy close to a Volcano that is due for an eruption and also has Lahar’s (ya, go ahead and Google it). It’s some scary shiz. I am lucky enough to live in a safe zone but if I want to drive to Costco or Out and About Burgers (Yum, yum, yum on a gluten free bun) or the mall, I am no longer in the safe zone. Oh ya, and Winco too. It’s just right at the bottom of the small mountain I live on right out of the safe zone. Good news is its only 8 minutes from my house.

Anyways! Back to my Winco fabulousness. When I lived in Cali I went to Winco as little as possible. It was simply out of necessity every few months to stalk up on bulk bin items. Often in my trips I would witness a lot of sadness and leave in a funk. However, I am very happy to report that my PNW Winco is AMAZING and I love it!!! No scary child abuse up and down the aisles and I am able to navigate my cart without traffic. There is also a handy dandy self check out area if I need to fly in and out.

Having such a positive experience while shopping I have expanding my list and my trips. I frequent it now 2-4 times a month and every time I find a new treasure. Some thing are more expensive and somethings are the best damn deals around.

So… Here is my conclusion of what to buy and what not to buy at Winco. Enjoy!

What to Buy

Fresh Peanut and Almond Butter
Honey and Oils in the bulk bin area
All bulk bin spices (I buy them in the bags and reuse old containers or buy the ones at the store)
Organic Bell Peppers
White Rice Flour
Brown Rice Flour
Tapioca Flour
Potato Starch
All bulk bin beans (I cook them in my pressure cooker. Saves you a ton and better for you! Here is my recipe Pressure Cooked Beans) FYI- I pressure cook my chili beans and freeze them)
Flax Seed
Nutritonal Yeast
Organic Beef
Nitrate Free Sausage
Almond Milk
Organic Milk
Udi’s frozen items
Adult Apple Cider
Jar salsa
Can green chiles
Any other organic items that look good and might be on sale
Tortillas (My favorite are Mission. They are not the best for you but everyone once in a while I nee a burrito)

Do not Buy:

Cake or any baking mixes (go to Walmart for them)
Organic Potatoes (Trader Joes is still the best deal)

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