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Does Walmart have a gluten free selection?

Does Walmart have a gluten free selection?

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I did not shop at Walmart when we lived in California. The environment was less-than desirable and the selection was horrible.


Now that we live in Washington the Walmart is so much better and it is also a Super Walmart. It is still not my favorite place but some of the selection and prices can not be beat.

I wanted to use this post to show you what I think is worth purchasing at your Walmart (hopefully the selections are similar and you can find the same things).

So Walmart’s GF selection is pretty decent and they have GF items in other isles as well. I have noticed in the last 7 months that I have lived here that the GF selection is getting larger and a lot of items that I really enjoy are starting to be carried. This is so refreshing because when I first got here I was having a really difficult time finding the things that we enjoy.

They also carry things like Coconut Flour, GF AP Flour, Chia Seeds Flax Seed, Organic Dairy and Organic Fruit and Veggies. The dairy is priced fairly but the produce is really over priced when you compare it to Trader Joe’s, Costco or even the Farmer’s Market. However, when I am in a pinch and I don’t want to run all over the place it is incredibly convenient to be able to pick up everything on my list and do household shopping at the same time.


 Walmart Gluten Free Bakery

When I see a store carry a GF “fresher” type baked good I am always excited for that. Honestly, I have never purchased these because if I want a muffin I will make them. None-the-less I am grateful for places that carry them. 


Same thing goes for the cookies and brownies. I do know that the elementary school that my Son will start attending in the fall has a no homemade policy so when there is a birthday or celebration these will be great. 


Califia Farms makes my favorite creamer but Silk’s Hazelnut brand is pretty good. Its on the sweeter side so I don’t use a lot but I do like it. 


Like what? Organic evaporated milk? Its about flippin’ time. I can no longer have dairy but if I could you better believe I would be buying this up for some yummy baked goods. 


.94 for a jello with no artificial flavors and good ingredients. Um, yes please. Love this stuff. I make it and top it with my whipped coconut cream recipe.  


This pudding is awesome. I make it with almond milk and my KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3-Speed Hand Blender – Contour Silver and my kids LOVE it!! 




Pilsbury is not my favorite brand for many reasons but having some boxed mix is  necessary when in a pinch.




Ground flax seed is necessity. I use it in everything. Love that Walmart carries some that is organic! 


Lasagna, yum!! $2.50 for a box of noodles is a decent price. Pick up a box and make my Lasagna Recipe


These are not super healthy but hey, who doesn’t want a toaster pasty here and there. They taste REALLY good.


These crackers are Heaven in tomato soup. One of my favorites.


These crackers obviously have dairy but my Son who can have dairy really likes them. They smell good, lol.


I love this mix. I replaced the butter it calls for with coconut oil and the buttermilk with almond milk. It turns out fine but the vanilla one is a bit dense.


Who doesn’t love a crouton. These are a great deal and taste great.


Love this corn bread. I make it with coconut oil and smother it in honey.


These are the only GF graham crackers without dairy that taste good. We love them for a snack or to make smores. 


These pretzels are a great snack


I love these animal crackers. They are addicting!! 


If you have not tried these mint slims then you need some in your life!! They are amazing!!



Bread SRSLY Gluten-Free Sourdough

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