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Christmas Tablescape 2021

The holiday season is officially here and decorating my home is something that brings me so much joy. in this post I will share with you simple Christmas table decorations to take your dining room up a notch. This is the perfect Christmas Tablescapes for 2021. 

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Christmas Tablescape 2021

My husband and I were both raised by single mothers growing up. So, extravagant holiday decorations weren’t the norm for us.

At my home we had 1 box of decorations and that is what we used every year. I remember helping my mom place the decorations around the house and it was the best!

On my fathers side of the family my Grandparents would decorate really nicely. It felt so comforting, warm and cozy. We would visit my Grandma’s side of the family every December for a large family celebration. Both of my Great-Aunts were avid decorators with beautiful homes.

Christmas Tablescape 2021 with trees, garland and lots of red and green

Every year I would study each decoration and fantasize about the home I would have as an adult and how I would decorate it.

Each year my Husband and I would buy a few decorations that would fit our budget. Over the years we have accumulated a lot and this year I got to focus on details instead of bigger items. 

One of the details I wanted to focus on was the dining room table. Being a food blogger I drool over gorgeous tablescapes and plate settings. I knew this year I would finally put one together.

Below is our Christmas Tablescape 2021

Christmas Tablescape 2021 with lots of red and green

Here are the simple Christmas table decorations I used…


I knowingly bought some pieces that were inexpensive and that I could swap out next year. It is super easy to switch things up by just replacing the placemats or table runner. You can also reuse the same center pieces each year and just update the small decor surrounding it. 

Simple Christmas Table decorations with garland

When I was searching to napkin rings I did not want something expensive and I was going for a more nature look vs. just Christmas. I wanted something that specifically matched my garland in the center and the rings I used for the napkins are actually gift toppers, but they work perfect and were 1/3 of the price!

You can scroll the pictures above and click for the products in my tablescape. 

Looking for some more holiday inspiration? I’ve got you covered…

Christmas Tablescapes 2021 PIN

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