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Simple Guacamole

Born and raised a Cali girl- Mexican food is my thing. I am also Spanish (my maiden name is Martinez) but you would never know when you look at me. I look like I belong in Ireland. That’s ok though because I can throw down some good Mexican food in the kitchen (compliments of Grandma Olga). Simple guacamole is must around here. We always have avocados on hand and for some reason they all ripen on the same day. When you have lots of ripe avocados and need to use them up then simple guacamole is the way to go! 
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After going gluten free I was so incredibly thankful that I could still enjoy Mexican food. It is our go-to because gluten and dairy free is pretty simple.


In California we were totally spoiled. Authentic Mexican food was in abundance and the prices were very affordable and when we ate out that is what we would often have. My favorite place is Los Charros were I could get chicken nachos supreme for $6 that weighed 5 pounds and that was without the cheese and sour cream. I went to California with the kids to visit family last month for 2 weeks and I just finally got the weight off that I gained there. (Damn nachos, I love you.) I would kind of say it was worth it though…




Now that we live in the Pacific Northwest in a small Seattle Suburb our Mexican choices are limited…to two restaurants (one of them just opened up a month ago). The prices are not as affordable as my old go-to place and although it is good, it is not that good. We ate it twice and the bill was enough for me to feed us dinners for 3 or 4 nights. We probably won’t be going back anytime soon.



So, when the Mexican cravings come along (and they do a lot) I bust out with the skills my amazing Grandma taught me and I make some homemade tortilla chips and shove them in my face with guacamole.




This is a lazy version of guacamole. One day I really wanted some guacamole and I didn’t have all of the from-scratch ingredients so I made my own easy version.



Sure, the traditional style guac is amazing but if you are like me and want some guac but don’t have cilantro and peppers on hand this is a great way to enjoy it. 4 easy ingredients is all it takes to make this simple guacamole. 








2 Large Avocados or 5 Small


¼ Cup Salsa


¾ Tsp. Granulated Garlic


¼ Tsp. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt







I used the processor attachment on my KitchenAid Emersion Blender and it was so easy to just throw everything end and blend it to your liking. I like mine creamy. If you don’t have one you can mash it all together with a fork too. Enjoy!

If you like this recipe then you will love all of the recipes in my cookbook (over 100!) that are all gluten and dairy free made with easy to find ingredients.

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