Jennifer’s Journal February 2019

by livingfreelygf

Well, I am sitting on my couch batch writing blog posts and realizing I missed the first 20 minutes of the Oscars, so I just threw an Ipad at my sick 4 year old, so I can reclaim my tv and get my fix. During that I realized that today is the last Sunday of February.

This month has been crazy busy which is refreshing since January was so slow and made me question where I was going with my business.

At the end of January a publishing company that I had been wanting to work with for sometime finally got back to me. I started the process of sending them photography, recipes, ideas, etc. For the entire month of February I was going back and forth. I signed a contract to write a cookbook deal with them this week! I am still waiting for them to sign the contract, but I am not anticipating any issues with that.

Right now I am in major work mode which can be difficult at times with littles at home. I do not have any help with the blog other than my husband doing some edits. So, all of the blog work along with never ending house work, school drop offs and pick ups (those take 2 hours a day!) it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Now I have a 100 recipes to create for a book too, Whoa!

The recipes are due late spring and the release date for the book is anticipated for winter 2020. It is going to be a big book of gluten free full of everything, but I am excited because its going to be full of healthy main dishes and side dishes.

I will keep you posted throughout all of the process, so make sure you are following my on social media. I have already posted a few sneak peeks of the recipes I have been making. These are really my best creations so far!

Last weekend was my sons 8th birthday and that was fun. I will be posting something in the coming weeks with pictures and the details of his party.

I’m also getting ready to celebrate my 17 year “together anniversary” with my hubby. Fingers crossed my kids sickness doesn’t spread over to us.

I hope February has been a good month for all of you and I hope March is even better!

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