This post has been sponsored by Veggies Made Great. My opinions are always honest. I believe in sharing all of the gluten free goodness. Thank you Veggies Made Great! 

Veggies Made Great (formerly known as Garden Lites) is one of the best gluten free snacks to buy. We have been enjoying their veggie muffins for many years now. I found them a long time ago when I was trying to figure out what snacks are gluten and dairy free. The flavor was phenomenal and I loved how convenient they were to reheat and eat.

what snacks are gluten and dairy free

veggie muffins stacked on a plate with the packaging underneath

I have teamed up with Veggies Made Great numerous times because they are awesome and all of you will love them too! Everyone has their own favorite flavors and I love hearing what your favorites are. Feel free to share in the comments! Mine are the superfood veggie cakes and my kids are the double chocolate muffins.

This time around I am really excited to team up with them for an Instagram giveaway! They will be giving away a muffin prize pack on Instagram starting July 2nd through July 7th. July is my birthday month and I am turning 35 this year. I wanted to celebrate by doing a ton of fabulous giveaways all throughout the month. Veggies Made Great is a brand I wanted to include in this giveaway, so I am thrilled that one of you will win a prize pack.

gluten free snacks

veggie muffins on a plate with someone picking one up

On July 2nd around 12 pm PST the photo below will be posted to Instagram. Make sure to click it and read the directions on how to enter! It will include following Living Freely Gluten Free, Veggies Made Great, and tagging your friends. Are you already following me on Instagram? If not, head HERE and make sure to follow!

Here in California we are also gearing up for back to school (crazy, I know). My kids go back at the end of July, so I am already thinking about backpacks, school supplies, lunch boxes, and of course snacks. Being a food allergy family we have to provide all snacks for all occasions. The muffins are perfect to put in my daughters lunch box because by the time lunch rolls around they are thawed out and ready to snack on. They are easy to find and keep on hand, plus she feels like its a treat. I love that the first ingredient is vegetables.

gluten free snacks to buy

veggie muffins stacked on a plate

The chocolate veggie muffins can also easily be disguised as a cupcake with a spoonful of frosting on top too! More than once I have been in a pinch where there is a birthday celebration that I either got no warning of, or just forgot about. Grabbing one of these out of the fridge and using my emergency supply of store bought frosting in the pantry has totally saved the day.

Veggies Made Great are always our go-to for gluten free snacks to buy and we love all of the veggie muffins. If you are trying to figure out what snacks are gluten and dairy free, then these will turn into your go-to as well. They are at all Kroger stores and many other places as well. Head HERE for the store locator to find them near you. If you are like me then you love saving some money. Click HERE for $1 off coupon on your next purchase.




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