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by livingfreelygf
This Primo® water reviews post is sponsored. I believe in sharing all of the goodness with you and we are beyond excited about this collaboration, Thank you Primo!

Water is life and we drink it every day to keep our body and minds operating the way they need to. In my home we drink a lot of water, even my kids. We listen to our bodies and know when we are thirsty and when we are hungry. However, getting my kids excited about water has always been a challenge. That was until we got our Primo hTRIO water dispenser.

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standing at the primo water refill station with 5 gallon jug

I was excited to write about Primo water, especially for the hTRIO Bottom Loading Dispenser with Single Serve Coffee K-Cup® Machine Built In. What I did not anticipate was how genuinely excited my kids were about it. Previously to receiving our Primo water dispenser we had a reverse osmosis faucet connected to our sink. This did not provide cold water and was difficult for the kids to get to on their own without assistance. Since the Primo water dispenser is easily accessible they are able to grab their own cup of ice cold water whenever they want! My kids have never been so hydrated!

Primo Water Dispenser with K-Cup

making coffee with the primo using k cups

There is a hot water feature which has made my mornings so easy! Now when I make instant oatmeal for the kids I no longer need to boil water. A quick hot cup of tea is seconds away and my favorite feature is the built in K-cup! This has been such a game changer for us! A fresh cup of coffee in seconds makes everything easier! There is also storage in the top of the Primo dispenser for your K-cups and it stores 20 K-cups.

making coffee with the primo system

Refilling the water jug is easy too! There are refill stations at many stores such as Walmart, Lowes, and Safeway, but I find myself refilling at my local Sprouts when I grab my weekly groceries. Some refill stations are still branded as Glacier, but they are actually Primo water.

Filling up the 5 gallon jug at the refill station

What kind of water is Primo?

Primo goes through a multi step purification process that includes reverse osmosis. The water purification process removes or significantly reduces the amount of chlorine, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, and contaminates like traces of pharmaceuticals.

5 gallon jug being filled with water at refill station

What is Reverse Osmosis?

This is a filtration process that removes salt, chemicals, minerals, and other impurities. Reverse Osmosis is mandatory for us and our drinking water. I remember my Grandpa being adamant about this and I didn’t understand at the time, but you can truly taste the difference.

standing in the kitchen with the primo dispenser and a cup of coffee

Currently I have the hTRIO and love it! Click HERE to find it on the Primo website.  You can also get 25% off of your dispenser, plus fast shipping and a free coupon for a 5 gallon bottle of Primo by using the code WATERGOALS25!

primo water dispenser sitting in the kitchen

Literally, every single person that has walked into my kitchen lately has been asking me about our Primo water dispenser. It is nice to look at, takes up minimal space, and the features are amazing. When I show them the K-cup feature they are floored. It’s awesome! Click HERE to shop dispensers on the Primo website. 

filling up a cup of water with the primo dispenser

Refilling the Primo couldn’t be easier. To find a water refill station near you click HERE. Like I said before, we usually fill ours up during our weekly shopping trip. Sometimes the boys will fill up while I go grab a few groceries, it’s a fun team effort!

flking up a water bottle with the primo dispenser

Getting a non-spill cap makes refilling even easier, you can shop for those HERE. We have one of these and really love it!

We are truly in love with our Primo water dispenser with K-cup and I couldn’t imagine not having it now. It is something that we use all throughout the day. Water dispensers have come a long way and Primo makes my life easier!


This is a sponsored post written by Living Freely Gluten Free on behalf of Primo.


primo dispenser in my home

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