The Best Products of Expo West 2019

by livingfreelygf

This year I had the pleasure of attending Natural Products Expo West. I had never been there before and truly did not know what to expect other than big crowds and lots of companies. I went in very naïve, but I left full of knowledge and wanting to go back again!

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The Best Products of Expo West 2019

I have attended many expos in the past 7 years. -OMG, I can’t believe I have had a blog for over 7 years now, crazy!- But, this one is unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced in my life. I have never been somewhere (other than Disneyland) where there were so many people crammed into one place.

I also didn’t expect it to be so business like, but that must have been the naïve side of me that wasn’t sure what to expect. The floors were full of executives that were there to close deals. CEO’s, founder’s, VP’s, and so many more were there from so many great companies. It was amazing to have the opportunity to meet the people who created these amazing companies and products.

The Best Products of Expo West 2019

Pictures of Favorite Products from Expo West 2019

Of course there were the big companies that you can find at all major grocery stores, but there were also so many small businesses, including start ups, and some that had not even launched yet. Hearing their vision and trying their products was amazing. I felt their passion and that made the experience so much better.

There were several trends this year. Some categories were also over saturated. I had really hoped to see more paleo and whole 30 products and I found some great ones, but also wanted more top 10 allergen free companies that are made in dedicated facilities. With all of the companies that were there, I definitely found some of what I came for. It also lit a small spark in me that made me think, maybe someday I will be here with a product. However, I am nowhere near that yet with my little ones at home and I’m still not sure what direction to go in, but having gone to this expo, I can tell you that I will 100% go back again.

Some of the top trends of Expo West 2019

pictures of favorite products from Expo West

  • Artisan Water- I saw so many waters. I was thankful for the water that they were passing out because I needed to stay hydrated, but as a consumer I don’t purchase artisan water. On occasion I purchase alkaline water, or electrolyte water when I am traveling. So, this trend perplexed me a bit.
  • Granola- Everyone has a granola. I remember back in the day there was only 1 gluten free granola brand on the market and it was not very good. Now, you have your picking. For me as far as being a consumer, to buy it for myself I want grain free. However, my family loves a good chocolate granola.
  • Protein Drinks- These have always been popular, but now there are a ton of companies bringing plant based protein mixes and drinks to the market. It’s about damn time in my opinion. I am picky about this kind of stuff, so I only tried a few. My favorite was the Ripple Protein Chocolate Shakes .
  • Snack Bars- There was no shortage of these. They were absolutely everywhere. There were only 2 that interested me and I will share the info below.
  • CBD- To no suprise of mine CBD was EVERYWHERE. I take it everyday and its a huge part of my productivity routine and also my go-to for headaches and body aches. I use Plus CBD Oil capsules daily, the oil for my CBD recipes, and the balm for my body. The Plus CBD Oil company was there too! I didn’t look at the CBD booths because I am so loyal to my brand, however I did indulge in the CBD infused edibles that were there. There was also a delicious dairy free chocolate that had 20mg of CBD from another company, and another company called Deluscious that will be launching CBD cookies (gluten free and vegan), very awesome.

So, here are my favorite brands and products I found at Expo West 2019 that are available on Amazon if you would like to give them a try. The others are only available in certain areas, or haven’t launched yet.

The Best Products of Expo West 2019



Nature’s Bakery Gluten Free Fig Bars – Pomegranate – 12 Count


Plus CBD Oil






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