Start the New Year off right with a Meal Planning Program

by livingfreelygf

Last spring I had a BLAST launching my 4 week meal planning program. It was a ton of fun and I got a lot of positive feedback about how easy the meals were and how much they loved them. I decided to roll out a new one for the new year in hopes that it will help you jump start any healthy goals you might have.

This time around all of the recipes will be mine. Last time I switched it up with other recipes from other blogs, but after hearing your feedback I decided to make it only my recipes.

This is more than a meal plan, this is a program. I call this a 4 week meal planning PROGRAM for a reason. You are going to get one-on-one attention with me to ask questions and share your concerns. This program comes along with tools to help you learn how to meal plan so once its over you are ready to tackle it on your own.

It will take place in a private Facebook group. I will go live every week in the group to go over the plan and answer your questions.

You will need my cookbook Living Freely Gluten Free to follow along with this plan. Some of the recipes will be on the blog and I will provide links for them. The others will be coming straight from the book and I will provide you with the page numbers. I will send a link for an e-book download ($12.99 value), but the book is recommended.

What will I receive you ask?

• 4 weeks of planned out breakfast and dinner recipes. You will get your shopping list along with the meal plan. It will be broken down for you weekly. The dinners are family friendly and all of them will feed a family of 4.
• E-book- Your Guide To Meal Planning.
• Printable meal planning and shopping list templates for you to use over and over again.
• Access to a closed Facebook group with a weekly live video from me going over the plan and answering questions.
• One-on-one time with me in a private Facebook group. I will be there to answer questions, give advice and help you every step of the way!
• At least one weekly live video where I am cooking from the meal plan. I will let you all vote each week for what meal you want made live!
• E-book- Living Freely Gluten Free.

Why do I need to meal plan?

Meal planning is essential! I have been meal planning for so long now that if I don’t have one I feel frazzled. These are the most important reasons to meal plan…

  1. Save money and stay on budget
  2. Not having to worry about what’s for dinner
  3. Stay organized.
  4. You can stop repeating the same meals over and over.
  5. Save time, creating dinner around your schedule.
  6. Reduce Stress.


So what are you waiting for? Take control, feel better and take advantage of the pre-order sale! Get 20% off of the regular price if you pre-order by 12/27.

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 I am really enthusiastic of Jennifer’s 4 week meal planning program. I never planned my meals before, I thought it would be difficult and time consuming. Struggling with allergies and being on a budget I had to give it a try. I learnt how to meal plan and organize the pantry and the grocery list, my stress is drastically reduced and I saved money compared to my standard grocery shopping. No more cravings or unhealthy choices! Everything is planned and the dishes are really phenomenal! My husband is really happy too, he literally loves Jennifer’s recipes.
~Alessandra Donato, Member of May and June’s Meal Planning Program



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