Simple Snacking with StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.®

by livingfreelygf
This post has been sponsored by StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.® However, all opinions are mine! I believe in sharing all of the gluten free goodness with you. Thank you StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.® 

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There are so many reasons why this time of year I am looking for simple grab-and-go foods that are tasty and packed with protein. For many it is still school vacation, so we are running around from the park, zoo, swim class, etc. Having something that you can tear open and eat makes life easier. That is why these StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.® Pouches have become my go-to for easy filling foods while we are out and about.

StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.® 

Having food allergies and being restricted with options means I need to always have food packed. When I am looking for good food, I need something that can be thrown into a bag without much prep. That is why I am obsessed with these StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.® Pouches.

StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.® come in convenient pouches that tear easily and you can legit eat it straight out of the pouch! I pack a spoon to help with this, and also some of my favorite gluten free crackers. It is filling, full of flavor, and easy, containing just a few simple ingredients.

I grew up eating tuna often, so as an adult it is one of my favorite lunch items. When StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.® reached out to me about attending an event they were having and highlighting all of the flavors, I was excited!

Tuna Snack Pack

At the event they had all kinds of fun ways to make tuna and salmon fabulous and they showcased the 3 available flavors which are…

  • StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.®Yellowfin Tuna with Sun-dried Tomato
  • StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.®Yellowfin Tuna and
  • StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.®Wild-Caught Pink Salmon.

I loved all of the flavors but was really excited about the StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.® Yellowfin Tuna with Sun-dried Tomato. The flavor was phenomenal. They had some yummy gluten free crackers that I ate the tuna on, along with fresh fruit and raisins. All of the flavors together made the perfect, simple, yet pretty lunch plate!

Not only do I love these Pouches for on-the-go, but they are convenient to keep in the pantry and to serve on small plates, or as snacks when friends come over. You can toast some gluten free bread and cut into squares and simply spoon onto the top and serve. It is also easy to pour the tuna into a bowl and serve with crackers and fruit. Personally, I love dipping crackers into the tuna and eating it that way.


I also just love adding the StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.® Wild-Caught Pink Salmon to a bowl of greens for the perfect simple lunch or dinner. Did you know all Starkist® Tuna and Salmon is Wild Caught? I was really excited to hear that and since they are made with a few simple ingredients. Because the pouches are packed in cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, they are also Keto, Paleo, and Mediterranean Diet friendly! StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.® is a natural Source of Omega 3s which is something that we always seems to need more of. I always have some pouches of StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.® on hand because as busy mom I need easy yet healthy food!

It is truly simple to dress this up to make it perfect for any occasion, or to enjoy it casual and straight out of the package. How do you like your tuna?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of StarKist Selects E.V.O.O.®

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