My Son was glutened at school

by Living Freely Gluten Free

Last week was the worst week I can remember in a very, very long time. We were already treading lightly because we moved from CA to WA 7 months ago. We visited CA for 2 weeks and ever since we came back my 5 year old has been acting out. Leaving his family has not been easy for him- I totally get it.

However, last week he became violent. The last 3 weeks had been tough. He had loose bowels and was very irritable. I felt like I was walking on egg shells. He had also started a summer camp program 2 days a week around that time.

I was very careful to talk to the staff, provide snacks as well as talk to my Son about it. He has always been very good about declining food offered to him. However, he does feel left out and it is beginning to bother him somewhat.

After what I would call the two days of living hell (at one point I locked myself in a closet and cried my eyes out) I took him to summer camp and I noticed that his snack bag was still full. I asked him what he had been eating and he told me… He used to make stories about snacks and tell me he ate goldfish, crackers, whatever the class had just because he wanted to pretend he could. This time though, I knew he really ate it. It all added up.

I called the school and stressed to them the importance that this is taken seriously and that he is not to be given anything but fresh fruits and vegetables. I talked to him about it and his behavior and tummy problems and he agreed that he would not eat anything other than fruits and vegetables and snacks from his snack bag.

We also started the 1, 2, 3 magic parenting techniques and between that and making sure is diet is correct we seem to have our boy back.

I saw a dark place last week. A place I hope to never return, but it could happen at the drop of a dime. We took our Son off of gluten 4 years ago because of his behavior, tantrums, loose bowels and horrible sleep cycle. No doctor would have said, “Oh maybe he has gluten intolerance.” I had it so I knew the symptoms and that is why I took him off it and it made him a happier child.

It makes me think, how many parents are battling this day-in and day-out and clueless as what to do? Living life this way is no way to live. For parents or children. I wouldn’t wish this on my enemy.

No one wants to have a food allergy. No one wants these restrictions but if you could live your life happier and give your children a chance at a better emotional state then it is worth it, right?

If you have suffered this, please share your story. If you think anyone could benefit, please share this with them. Let’s work together and help our sweet babies to be happy.

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