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Get a Psychic Reading Online with California Psychics

Today I am taking a shift and focusing on the lifestyle part of my blog by sharing my experience with California Psychics with you. I have had many readings over the years, but wanted to know how to find the best online psychics. It was then I discovered California Psychics.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Psychics. 

Get a Psychic Reading Online with California Psychics

Spinning with my daughter on the hill

Working with psychic advisors and Tarot cards are things I have been doing for all of my adult life. I believe in a life where I can balance all things with guidance and that is why I turn to psychic readings. 

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I often take on too many things all at once. It is difficult for me to always focus on the small things because my mind is always looking at the greater picture. 

For a while now I have been searching for an online psychic reading. But, how do I know if I am getting what I pay for? So, every time I begin my search- I end up feeling frustrated and give up.

Locally I have looked for someone as well, but finding word-of-mouth referrals isn’t easy either.

After 2021 I knew I needed guidance for 2022. Even when I think I am making the right choices, I still doubt my decisions. Having a reading done for me is like reassurance. I need to know if these are the right choices, or if I am headed in the wrong direction.

my family walking together in a field

I decided to give California Psychics a chance for an online psychic reading and I am truly glad I did. Keep reading for all of the amazing details from my psychic reading. 

What I loved about using California Psychics for my online psychic reading is all of the features it has.

I could filter all of my wants to find the perfect person for my psychic readings. 

I choose career, work, money, past lives and someone who is compassionate. You can even choose the price point and how long of a reading you want. This allows you to find that perfect psychic reading.

I was absolutely thrilled with who I chose, Psychic Kit. There are photos of them and for some reason I felt drawn to her. Her voice was comforting and it felt like talking      to a friend.

Details of my online psychic reading

shopping at the farmers market

Well, it actually took place over the phone. She was available at the moment, so I booked it and she called me right away.

The first question was what I was looking for from the reading.

I told her there are a lot of moving pieces happening and I am trying to figure out the right direction.

standing in front of a tree with my children

Immediately she knew that I had 2 jobs. She described one as stability and the other as passion. Currently, I work for the local school district part-time, this is a newer job. However, it’s permanent and salary, so I would consider it stable. 

She described the stable job as being easy, which it is and that I would go do it, get it done and then come home to do my real job passion.

standing in front of a bush holding my cookbook

She felt a lot of shifts happening in my life and career, which there are. She described my business as a side project before I told her about it and for those of you wondering, this blog and my social media management is my business/side project. 

She told me by summer, June-ish, that my side project would be getting very busy, so busy that I would have to make choices and look into hiring some help, this was music to my ears. She described it as my business solidifying its place in the market. 

Another thing she said is probably around the end of summer that people would start coming to me as a mentor. That could be another direction that my business takes, helping others.


California Psychics

placing cupcakes in a holder

She told me my social media management business will be better for me moving forward and it is something I enjoy. 

Currently, I am also taking a project manager course (this has been difficult for me because I am so busy), but she told me to push through it and finish it because it’s going to look great on my resume!

I asked her about writing another cookbook because I want to so bad. She told me that she sees me writing another one, but not for a while and to give it time. 

After the work and career details I felt satisfied. Everything she said was what I was hoping for. We had a few minutes left, and she talked about all of the ancestor energy surrounding me. She described me as an old soul, having lived many lives and I always knew that. She told me I had an older native female energy that was with me a lot. I have Native American ancestry and my Great-Grandma on my mother’s side was Indian. I wasn’t sure if that was who she was referring to, or one of my guides, but either way I was satisfied.

holding my daughters hand while we walk

She told me my yoga and meditation practice were great and it helped with my calming energy. 

Overall, I was VERY satisfied with my reading. It was exactly what I needed when I needed it. 

Moving forward I will be using California Psychics for guidance, and I would like to have a reading to connect with my beloved Grandpa as well. 

I highly recommend them to help you with your burning questions or if you’re in need of some direction. California Psychics exists to help people reveal their full potential and live an inspired and plentiful life.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Psychics.


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