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by livingfreelygf

This post is sponsored by Made By True Biltong. All opinions are mine and I will only share products with you that I personally love and enjoy, because I want you to know about all of the gluten free goodness. Thank you Made By True Biltong! #CarneDiem

My son and I are known to get majorly hangry from time to time, and by time to time I mean usually at least once a day. It’s not pretty and it can get ugly- FAST. So, having protein packed snacks are always an essential for us. Especially if we are traveling, running errands, or just out enjoying the day.

Made By True Biltong

You will find several snacks in my bag at all times. When Made By True Biltong reached out to me about their seasoned and air dried U.S. beef with 3 adventurous flavors, I was super excited to try them.

All of Made By True Biltong products are gluten-free, soy free, and paleo. Each pack has 80 calories with 16 grams of protein per serving and if you are following Keto or Whole 30 it is perfect for you!

Made By True Biltong is committed to sourcing only U.S. raised beef and it is made up of only 5 traditional ingredients (beef, vinegar, salt, pepper, and coriander).

They have 3 adventurous flavors available right now and I have tried them all, they include; Cape Town Classic, A Savory Adventure, and A Little Bit of Spice. My first reaction was how tender this beefy snacks were, lusciously soft, I really couldn’t believe it. The flavors are absolutely perfect too! They were all amazing, but I loved the kick that A Little Bit of Spice provided, while my kids really enjoyed A Savory Adventure and Cape Town Classic.

Made By True Biltong

Made By True Biltong has over 50% more protein than conventional jerky, so when I need a healthy snack that is going to fuel my body, this is what I am grabbing. Even if its just a fun trip to the park, all that action works up an appetite, so this is the perfect snack for us.

Made By True was created in 2015 when three college friends who took snacking seriously but not sanctimoniously set out to make healthy, fun, and addictively delicious options to share with everyone. Head over to to order their delicious beefy snacks, or to start a subscription.

I love these! Enjoy friends!

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