Little James’ 8th Birthday

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Gluten Free Birthday Cake

This blog post is about how I threw Little James’ 8th Birthday and made it a gluten free birthday party for us while still feeding everyone else. I give you my recipes for gluten free birthday cake and some gluten free party food suggestions.

I have thrown many gluten free birthday parties. Regular parties too. Most of the time everything is gluten free because that is easier for us. However, that can get expensive, so I do my best to find naturally gluten free party food. I always serve gluten free birthday cake. The one year I made us cupcakes and bought a cake for everyone else, they were all upset and didn’t want it. They wasted a lot of gluten cake that year.

Gluten Free Party Food

My baby turned 8 years old! It’s crazy how long the days feel when you are in the trenches, but when big milestones happen like 8th birthday’s it feels like you were just holding them and up all night feeding them. Now, they are these slightly annoying yet incredibly smart beings that have all of your stubborn qualities.

Gluten Free Birthday Party

This year we were blessed to be living near family to celebrate both of the kids birthday’s. It had been several years since we were here for James birthday since he has a winter birthday. Most years we traveled back to California in the summer and threw a party for the two of the combined, but it was always closer to Claire’s birthday.

Gluten Free Birthday Cake

He wanted a party at home that was Jurassic World themed. He is obsessed with dinosaurs and Jurassic World is his favorite. We had a dino theme and the party was a hit.

I love throwing parties, but our house isn’t that big. Luckily we kind of have an open layout so there is room for everyone to roam from the kitchen to the living room. The weather turned on us, so floating outdoors didn’t last long.

Gluten Free Party Food

I used to cook for parties, but with how busy I am with work these days I can’t do it up like I used to. For his party we had pizza (that is his favorite). I ordered Costco pizza for all of the glutenous peeps and then I ordered gluten and dairy free pizza for us from our favorite local pizza place.

Having a gluten free party can feel intimidating at first, but they are actually just the same as any other party. The key to throwing a simple gluten free birthday party is serving many naturally gluten free dishes. Salads, chips, burgers, hot dogs are all easy things to serve. This time we opted for pizza, so there was gluten free for us and regular pizza for everyone else.

Gluten Free Birthday Party

To go along with it I had Mickey chips to snack on, a southwestern style salad, a broccoli kale salad, and fruit salad.

For beverages I served Honest juice boxes, La Croix, ice tea, and of course water. We did a Jurassic World pinata that was filled with Enjoy Life Candy, Yumm foods lolly pops, and dinosaur toys. I gave dinosaur eggs with puzzles in them for party favors.

Gluten Free Birthday Cake

I served the Chocolate Cake recipe from my cookbook, and the Vanilla Cake recipe as cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream for a gluten free birthday cake. I always make my gluten free and dairy free cake recipe for everyone that attends and let me tell you, they get excited for it! I had adults watching me cut the cake complaining about how their slices were too small. My dad then proceeded to take 3 pieces of cake for himself. Gluten free birthday cake for the win!

If there is any gluten free birthday cake left everyone is always ready to load up plates and take it home. You can freeze extra gluten free cupcakes too for later on if you would like.

The kids and adults really enjoyed themselves and we had great fun. One tip is that I use disposable everything when gluten is present. That of course means paper plates, napkins, plastic cups and cultery. I also put disposable tablecloths on everything, so I can bunch it up and throw it out. If there is left over gluten pizza it comes home with the guests.

Gluten Free Birthday Party

How do you throw a regular party in your gluten free home?

Need more recipes for your gluten free party? I’ve got you covered…


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