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KA-POP Snacks

I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to the company KA-POP. They make gluten and dairy free snacks that are actually top 12 allergen free. Finding really good gluten free snacks isn’t always easy, especially when you need gluten free snacks for kids. However, these sorghum snacks passed the test with every person in my family and we are now obsessed.

Having multiple allergies/intolerances, finding a great tasting snack that is affordable and made with real ingredients that we can all enjoy is a tall order. My friends at KA-POP told me about their flavorful sorghum snacks, so we had to try them all.

Gluten Free Snacks For Kids

Honestly, we absolutely loved every single flavor. Each of us having a favorite, but loving them all! KA-POP currently has chips and puffs. The puffs currently come in 2 flavors with the vegan cheesy puffs being their first flavor. Let me tell you as someone who enjoyed some not so good for you un-vegan cheesy puffs in the past, I could not believe how on point this flavor was!

These KA-POP cheesy puffs have amazing texture and flavor. My son who has a corn allergy hasn’t enjoyed anything “puffed” since diagnosis. He was truly excited about these and we now are ordering them in 6 packs because we can’t get enough.

Gluten and Dairy Free Snacks

KA-POP chips are just as delightful as the puffs and come in the following flavors…

  • Cheddar
  • Olive Oil & Sea Salt
  • Red & Green Sriracha
  • Rosemary Garlic
  • Salt & Vinegar

You will love all of the chips! If there’s someone in the house that loves a little spice then definitely give the red and green sriracha a try. Cheddar is a hit with the kids and you can’t go wrong with the olive oil and sea salt. The texture of these sorghum snacks resemble a pop chip that is made from rice or corn, but the best part is that these are sorghum based with phenomenal ingredients.

Good Gluten Free Snacks

Their chips are made in a facility that processes wheat and dairy, however they have certifications and we were able to enjoy with no problems. Take caution if you are celiac or anaphylactic.

I’m also excited to share that you can now find KA-POP in Fred Meyer! Now all of my PNW friends can grab these and enjoy too!

If you are not located in the Pacific Northwest, these are also available at Sprouts and that is where I purchase mine.

If you are not near either, head over to the KA-POP website to order, or Amazon. They have a fabulous store locator to find it near you. Enjoy!



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  1. Oh I am definitely going to try the vegan cheese puffs, both the cheddar and sriracha are calling my name! And l love the healthy ingredients!