Jennifer’s Journal May 2019

by livingfreelygf

May was a blink of an eye. I traveled to the Everything Food Conference in the beginning of the month and missed my little sister’s prom. I was pretty bummed about that.

After that I came home and made 4 or more recipes every single day until I had a total burn out. Everything I was making was burning, or not turning out and I wasn’t even following my own directions. That was when I knew I had to allow myself to have a weekend off. I still ended up working, like making a Hamburger Stew and writing it all down and taking photos so I could share it on the blog (stay tuned for that one). Then I have been making a trip to the grocery store almost daily and then running out of things when I am cooking and having to go back again. That has been frustrating too.

Jennifer’s Journal May 2019

Right now I am finishing typing up everything and putting the manuscript together. (If you are new to the page I am writing a cookbook that will be coming out in early 2020) Then I will find out what recipes I will  need to re-shoot for pictures. Once I am done with all of the recipes (hopefully after next week) I am planning to not do any recipe creation for 2 weeks. I will still cook simple meals from my family, but my brain needs a break from all of the recipe creation.

The kids are almost out of school and since I have been so busy the last 4 months I am hoping to slow down for the month of June and do some fun summer activities with them. The weather has been so crazy here with more rain than I have ever since in California. I know that once the rain is done its going to get super hot and stay that way. How has the weather been where you live?

Here is a recap of what I posted on the blog for the month of May…

Here is a recap from May of last year…

I am also doing a social segment every Monday called Must Have Monday’s were I share my favorite beauty and lifestyle products with you. If you don’t follow on social then you should, but I also send it in the weekly newsletter.

Cooking & Cocktails are back! Every Thursday at 4:30 PST I cook something live in my kitchen. This time might change in the fall because of my husbands work schedule. Make sure though to tune in and hang out with me. Cooking and cocktails is a way to connect with all of you, so please stop in or watch the replay’s.

I am also brainstorming a podcast starting this fall. I want to make 2 of them, one that is gluten free living and the other that is more personal talking about overcoming obstacles in life. If you have any topics or suggestions please shoot them over to me!

Thanks for reading and I hope June treats you well!

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