Jennifer’s Journal March 2019

by livingfreelygf

Hi Friends,

March has been such a busy month over here. How about you? I started the month off with a bang at Expo West. That was truly an experience and I plan on going back again next year.  Expo West is the largest natural foods expo in the world I think. I have never been somewhere other than Disneyland that had so many people in one place. Everyone who is the natural food/products industry attends including media and social influencers. It was a great place to network, meet new brands and brands I loved, and to learn about trends in the industry. You can check out my blog post of my Favorite Finds at Expo West 2019. 

After the Expo it was full on cookbook recipe creation mode. Right now I am testing anywhere from 10-20 recipes per week for the cookbook that will be coming out next year. It’s an exhausting pace, but let me tell you that I am LOVING every step of this. This cookbook is going to be packed with amazing gluten, dairy, and corn free recipes that I know you are going to love. I can’t wit to share! You can always follow me on Instagram if you are not already, because I am sharing lots of behind the scenes of the recipe creation process!

Jennifer’s Journal March 2019

Most recently we took our family trip to Disneyland! We were gone for a week which stressed me out, but we totally needed the family time together and the kids had a blast. Disneyland is full of awesome and accommodating restaurants, so there is always safe food to eat as long as you plan ahead. I have a blog post of what to eat in Disneyland here and I will be updating it in the coming weeks. Here are some fun pictures from the trip!

Jennifer’s Journal March 2019

Jennifer’s Journal March 2019

Another thing that I have been dealing with this month is Kaiser. Kaiser is our medical provider and let me tell you they are the worst. Unless your condition is severe enough for medication they will not help you with anything. They never found my celiac diagnosis/gluten allergy and now they are giving me the run around with my son and my malabsorption of iron. My son had an allergy test done (bloodwork) last year when we lived in Washington. Corn showed up as mild, sometimes these give false positives and since he wasn’t symptomatic we didn’t cut it out of his diet. Shortly after we moved  Brentwood (a city that grows corn on every corner including across the street from us) he started getting rashes that I couldn’t clear up. Kaiser gave him a steroid cream that cleared it up, but it came right back when we stopped using it. Confused, I thought this must be the corn.

After cutting corn out of his diet it began to upset his stomach when he ate it (usually accidentally) especially corn syrup, or corn starch. His elbow rash cleared up 90%, but he developed a rash on his face that keeps coming and going. We had another blood test done and his corn allergy went from mild to moderate. My first thought with this was that since we are living near corn his allergy got worse. After fighting with Kaiser we got to see an allergist yesterday and basically they told me he’s intolerant not allergic since it doesn’t effect his breathing. It was very black and white with no gray area. She even told me to let him eat it again and to stop stressing myself out!

Jennifer’s Journal March 2019

That appointment did not help. Next step is we are getting a stomach x-ray and stool sample and talking to the GI doctor again. He gets a lot of stomach aches, even when I’m pretty sure he hasn’t had corn or gluten. I have a slight suspicion that he could have celiac. I don’t go crazy with making sure that everything is perfect when we go out to eat for him because he never seemed to have problems with small amounts of cross contamination, however I will get VERY sick with the smallest amount. So, that’s a possibility. Another possibility is cassava. Since cutting out corn a lot of the grain free snacks have cassava. I can have a couple chips made with cassava, but any more than 2-3 and I will blow up inside. We might have to start a food journal.

All of this is stressful and confusing. If you know of anyone who had allergies develop from living near crops I would love to hear the story and ask some questions!

I have been talking about my health struggles on the blog for sometime as well. I have lost a TON of hair in the last year. My bloodwork shows low iron, so the doctor told me to double up on the supplement and retest. I did just that. I saw a slight decrease in hair loss, but not much. I retested and my iron was still low. He told me the same thing, double up and retest in 4 months. I told him I have been taking 2 supplements every day for the past 4 months, why am I not absorbing iron? He told me to talk to my gynecologist and get on birth control. My low iron is likely from my cycle. I was pissed! Birth control made me feel like shit and I am never taking it again! I told him that. I suggested that it could be a food allergy, leaky gut, celiac disease. So, now he want me to come in for another appointment to discuss this. Anyone else have this problem? UGH!!!!

Jennifer’s Journal March 2019

Luckily my son is feeling better lately. We have been on spring break for the last 2 weeks and his rash on his face has cleared up nicely. We shall see how the next month pans out for everything, including my low iron issues. I am sure I will have some updates for you in April’s Jennifer’s Journal.

I’m also hoping to travel to the Seattle area next month to visit my sister. The gluten free food in the Seattle area is phenomenal and you can read about The Best Gluten Free Seattle Eats here. 

There’s also a signed cookbook giveaway happening on Instagram right now, so head over there and enter to win!

Have a beautiful day!

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