Jennifer’s Journal January 2019

by livingfreelygf

January Jennifer’s Journal

Hello Friends! How has your January been? January was weird as hell for me. I started the Whole 30 on January 1 and I was sick at the same time, so the first 6 days were brutal. When on the Whole 30 you can’t take any medication and that includes Tylenol and such. From the sinus cold plus detox my head felt like it was going to explode for 3 days. I did use a CBD SIVA patch and that helped¬† a lot, but I still had a bit of a headache. After that first week I was feeling better.

December was the busiest month for me in a very long time. I felt like I was running a marathon. As a mom we all know how crazy the holidays are for us with prepping, shopping, baking, cooking, I mean its downright exhausting. On top of the that December was the busiest month I ever had blogging, which was amazing. I was so busy that I didn’t have time to breath and I knew that the work load would slowdown the week of Christmas and I had nothing scheduled for the week after since the kids were out of school. Knowing I would get a few weeks off kept me going.

What I didn’t realize was that my slowdown wasn’t going to pick back up. I thought for sure come the second week of January work would start rolling in again and it didn’t. In case you didn’t know I do social media management as my main source of income and it’s part time income at that. It is my steady paycheck because blogging isn’t stable at all. I lost one of the clients I manage which is a big chunk of my steady income. This has had me STRESSED OUT, especially with not having sponsored posts lined up.

January Jennifer’s Journal

In Washington I didn’t have to contribute to the bills because our cost of living was half of what it is now. There is a new pressure on me here and on top of that we found out that the company my husband works for is selling and they are not planning to keep his department. So, on top of my work stress we found this out as well. We are trying to figure out our next move, but I have been looking for a part-time to full-time job so that I can keep my family afloat. Ugh.

I am hopeful that the next year will push my blog where it needs to be to create steady ad income. It takes several years for a blog to build momentum and SEO to bring in a good amount of pageviews. In the blogging world pageviews are really all that matters at the end of the day and they are REALLY hard to get because the internet is saturated.

I am excited that my whole 30 is almost over, 4 days!!!! They last time I did a whole 30 was 4 years ago and I only made it to day 21. It was easier this time, but let me tell you I have wanted to cheat sooo bad and have a glass of wine. After the whole 30 is over I will eating 98% paleo. I will only plan to be cooking with rice flour for special occasions like birthday parties or holidays.

January Jennifer’s Journal


Also, my sons corn allergy is becoming really tough. He did not have any major issues with corn when we lived in WA but when we moved to CA it flared up BAD. My only explanation for this is the fact that we live literally across the street from a corn field and the city we live in is known for its corn and its grown everywhere. It’s probably even in the water somehow, so now he can’t tolerate it at all. He will still eat it sometimes too. I can’t control what decisions he makes when I’m not around and its in powdered sugar, lots of baked good, I mean everything, especially gluten free stuff. Now if he eats it he gets a horrible upset stomach. The symptoms are almost the same as gluten for him. It’s sad and he’s having a hard time.

Hopefully February will have some great things happen as far as work for my husband and I. I’m truly looking forward to having my wine and some paleo treats soon.

I hope January treated you well.


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