Jennifer’s Journal Feb 2018

by livingfreelygf

February is flying by as usual. I had to take a moment to write down everything that has been happening and going on.

We had really nice weather in the beginning of February and tried to soak up some of that. It has changed now and its ugly outside.

February is always a busy month because we have Valentines Day and that means lots of festive recipes for the blog. Then two days later its my sons birthday. He turned 7 this week. Where did the time go?? 🙁 My Mom always visits in February for my sons birthday and she is here right now. We went to the Great Wolf Lodge for his birthday. They try hard to accommodate for food allergies and I appreciate that. However, I really do not like that place. I hate water (massive anxiety for me) and its literally as expensive, or more expensive then Disneyland. I would MUCH rather be in Disneyland. However, now that we live in Washington Disneyland is not the hop skip and jump that it once was.

The kids had an amazing time at the Great Wolf, except for the fact that we were all fighting colds and we booked through Priceline and got the worst hotel room ever! NEVER book through Priceline if you go. We got stuck in a room on the same level as the waterpark. It was right next to the arcade, stairs and magic quest. The noise kept us up WAY too late and the kids were very grumpy. I’m glad its over now and I hope to avoid that place for as long as possible.

This is the grain free chocolate cake I made Little James for his birthday and it was absolutely delicious! Keep your eye out for a future recipe post! 

Keep your eye out on the website and on social media because I am going to be posting a grain free all purpose flour recipe in the near future and I will be doing several staple recipes with it. We have been eating a lot let rice and are now avoiding it for a few reasons.

I think when you are gluten free you might now always realize how much rice is in your diet with rice flour being in everything.

My family and I have been eating WAY more than the recommended amount of rice and because of arsenic that does concern me. Right now I am trying to really clear it out of the house and only eat it on occasion and when we go out. For a lot of people that is probably what they are already doing, but with baking so much for the blog we have been eating a lot of rice since its in my all purpose flour blend. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain recipes I will still use this for just because it works so well. The plan is to simply try to incorporate more grain free foods into our diet and other healthy gluten free grains such as: oats, sorghum, buckwheat, teff and anything else I can find and play around with. Stay tuned for all of these fun and yummy recipes coming to blog! It’s all about finding that balance of moderation.

My Mama showed me how to make Biscuits and Gravy. These are grain free and paleoish. Yum!

Unfortunately, I can count on one hand how many times I have been on a date with my husband since we moved to Washington. While we love Washington and the peace is offers, we are feeling like we need our family unit and looking into the possibility of moving back to California. It’s not a for sure thing, we are just looking into it.

Date night with my handsome hubby.

Since my Mom is here we are taking advantage and going out! My Husband and I will celebrate Valentines Day and our “together” anniversary. This year is 16 years! Half my life I have been with him. We were just kids and now we are in our 30’s with kids and big responsibilities. Its crazy! Marriage always has its ups and downs, its not easy by any means, but when you find a partner who loves and supports you- all of the work is worth it and not an option. Tonight we are going to Capitol Cider- it is a gluten free restaurant that is quaint, romantic and delicious! My favorite gluten free and vegan ice cream shop is right around the corner, Frankie and Joe’s– I am equally excited to indulge in ice cream!

We had a fun night out however, I didn’t realize how few dairy free options it has.

My favorite Cider from our date night.

It is very exciting to announce that I have a class booked for Whole Foods University Place on March 22 if you are local. The class will consist of talking about going gluten free and what products are easy switches to get you started. All of the details on the blog and my social media in the coming weeks.

The Lasagna dinner made with Manini’s gluten free pasta and rolls.

Right now I am teaming up with Garden Lites and doing some giveaways. The muffin post is already up. Currently,  I am also doing a recipe for one of my favorite gluten free pasta companies, Manini’s gluten free. They are a local Pacific Northwest company with amazing products! Everything they make is rice free too!! Lasagna is the recipe I will posting. One recipe with have dairy and then I will have a dairy free options as well. You are going to love it!

Little James in the snow

Here in Washington State have been enjoying some snow on and off and even got a snow day! The kids are loving it and I am thankful that my Hubby is home too, so I can get a little work done.

I hope you all had a fabulous February and I hope March is even better!

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