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It’s that time of year and I know we are all in the thick of decorating, baking, and shopping for everyone. I just went through and made my list of everyone and what else I need to get. I would like to be done shopping by the end of this week, so that I might enjoy a week before Christmas of not feeling like I am losing my mind. However, between unpacking, battling colds, and all of the other holiday chaos I am sure it will fly by and then I will wonder where the holidays went. I am hoping this holiday gift guide might help you save some time. Here you are going to find some of my favorite gluten free gifts and the best kitchen gifts.

Everything in this gift guide is items that I own, have owned or have researched and want really really bad. A lot of the things listed below you have seen me mention on my IG stories (if you follow). Small kitchen appliances must serve multiple purposes and be able to hold up in order for me to love them. Happy Holiday’s!


2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Small Appliances

Mr. Coffee Programmable 12 Cup Maker  on sale for less than $40 right now! I love this coffee maker and I have been using it for almost a year now. You can see some posts I did with it here…

Crock Pot Express- I love this thing and I use it make my paleo wing recipe . It is 8 quart so you can fit a ton. I even had a big spiral ham in it recently.

Blendtec Blender- Use code LIVINGFREELY for 25% off!! I am so obsessed with this blender and I have tried many. It is pretty, smart and gets the job DONE. That is why I love it. If you are looking for a great gift for yourself, or a loved one- this is perfect!!

Belgian Waffle Maker- Belgian waffles feel so extra and fabulous. Everyone should have one on hand for Mothers day brunch and special occasions.

Anolon Nonstick Griddle Pan- I love this pan for creating perfect pancakes.

French Press- I travel with my French press always. I am sensitive to coffee and I have to bring my safe coffee for traveling. This is always packed in my suitcase.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer- This is the most important small appliance in my kitchen and I simply could not do my job without it. I received it as a Christmas gift 9 years ago and it was probably the best gift I have ever gotten.

Affordable Toaster- Being gluten free means that you might need a spare toaster for traveling, Grandma’s house, etc. This is the perfect affordable toaster to get the job done.

KitchenAid Hand Mixer- This is perfect for small jobs that don’t require the big stand mixer. It has easy clean up and I like using it for my peanut butter cookies.

KitchenAid Immersion Hand Blender- This little tool is an absolute essential. I use it for making bread crumbs, mayo, whipped cream and so much more!

KitchenAid Food Processor– I have had this food processor for about 9 years now and its still going strong.

KitchenAid Pasta Attachment – I received this as a gift last year. I am looking forward to creating some homemade pasta with it!


Small Gadgets and Stocking Stuffers the Best Kitchen Gifts


kitchen gadgets


Donut Cutter- Under $7! If you have been thinking about making my Gluten Free Maple Donuts (Yeast Risen, Fried) recipe then you will need this.

Le Creuset Measuring Cups- I got these for my birthday along with the measuring spoons and I absolutely love them!

Le Creuset Measuring Spoons

Trivets – Under $13 and they are perfect for keeping your countertops protected.

Oven Mitts– Every cook needs a few sets of these in the kitchen. I have been using mine for years.

Electric Wine Opener- I run through these usually every other year, but then again I open a lot of wine. I love these!

Pyrex Measuring Cups- This is a kitchen essential. You simply can’t go wrong with these.

Hearth and Hand Spoon Rest- This sweet gift is $3 and would be perfect in the stocking for any cook.

Cheese Board- I use this cheeseboard in a lot of my photography. It is beautiful and perfect for loaves of bread, cheese and fruit, or anything else.

Bamboo Cutting Board Set- I love bamboo and having a set with every size you will need is the perfect gift!

Treats- Gluten Free Gifts


picture of 6 gluten free treats

Enjoy Life Mini Cookies are for all ages (pairs with red wine very well) and fit into the stocking perfectly.

HU Chocolate Bars – These are my personal favorite chocolate. They are paleo which I prefer and taste absolutely amazing.

Freedom Gluten Free Donuts- These donuts are my weakness. Put these in my stocking with a bottle of champagne and call it a day.

Honey Stinger- These fun waffle filled treats are my sons favorite and for good reason!

Candy Canes- Corn syrup and artificial color free candy canes are a must for us and what is Christmas without some candy canes on the tree and in the stocking.


That is my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. Did I miss anything? What would you like to see on the gift guides?




Gluten Free Gifts



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