Handling Halloween Like a Boss (Candy, Snacks, Crafts and Sweet Treats)

by Living Freely Gluten Free

Handling Halloween

So here we are, another October has presented itself to us. Oh, how I adore fall. It is by far the season I crave all year and here it is!! What was once full of memories of certain treats and candies, can become a time where we might miss those things. This can bring us down. THIS DOESN’T HAVE TO HAPPEN!!! Halloween can be very enjoyable while having a restricted diet. Here is how I handle it…

When it comes to school and Halloween parties I sign up first to bring food. The main carb dishes that I know my Son wants is what I sign up for. I make homemade gluten free pizza and cupcakes for the entire class. Not able to do that? Bring your child’s GF items and try to make them close to what everyone else is having.

Pinterest is an amazing resource to find recipes, crafting ideas and everything else anyone could ever imagine! Here is my Halloween Pinterest Board.

Of course the dreaded candy. I know, the candy situation is tough. My Son has been GF since 9 months of age, so… I buy safe candy and have it ready. When we trick or treat he gets to pick a piece to eat while we are out. Usually, this is a Hersey bar, peanut butter cup or lolli-pop. As soon as we get home I dump his candy into a bag and replace it with what I want him to have. I am like a super stellar Ninja swapping the crap for the slightly better crap.

Here is the link to my GF candy list

This will also be the first year my daughter will trick-or-treat and understand the candy concept. She is gluten free and dairy free and that makes things a little bit harder. All of the chocolate she will receive is most likely a no-go, and all that it leaves for her is lolli-pops, fruit snacks and a lot of food coloring. We do not eat food coloring, it doesn’t work for my kids. I found this huge bag of organic candy at Costco for $7.50! It was on sale and I will go back next week and grab a few more bags before the sale is over. This is what my daughter will get. I will swap her candy out and she won’t even care.

If your kids are older try the buy back method. Offer a certain amount per piece of candy to buy back or trade for something they have been wanting. Candy is candy, but once you eat it, it is gone. You can trade 20 pieces of candy for something that can last forever! Sign me up. Ok, I might sneak a few first… Shhhh.



I saw something similar to this on Pinterest last year but it was dipped in yogurt. This is simply a banana on a stick with chocolate chip eyes. This kids love them!

Spider Sandwich:

This is 2 pieces of GF bread with honey and peanut butter inside. (Jelly is perfect too!) I used GF pretzel sticks for lets and chocolate chips for eyes! What a fun easy sandwich!

Pumpkin Sandwich:

Just a sandwich made with two slices of bread that are cut with a pumpkin cookie cutter.


These paper plate crafts are so easy and you can make them however you would like. I just painted the stem and leaf for the pumpkin, cut it out, and stapled it to the top. I used pipe cleaner to hang it.

The spider was painted. A hole puncher was used for the spider legs and then we glued the eyes and pom-poms onto the body.

Click the link below for the blog post on how to make this easy Halloween Sign. I also make BOO signs too.

Treats and Sweets

Some of the best parts of Halloween and Fall are all of the delicious pumpkin recipes you get to indulge in. Here are a few of my pumpkin and fall recipes from my blog that my family enjoys.

Coffee Cake

This is my Devils Food Pancake Recipe with bacon legs. The eyes are made out of a mini marshmallow cut in half and mini chocolate chips. Fun breakfast for the kids.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer

Pumpkin Scones with Maple Glaze

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