Great Wolf Lodge- Review

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Great Wolf Lodge
Simple Review

For my Sons 6th birthday, he wanted to celebrate it at the Great Wolf Lodge. He had been there once before with my Mother and enjoyed it. We are still making friends in Washington State so I really didn’t know how well a party would go anyways.

We went to the Great Wolf Lodge on his actual birthday. The check in was speedy and they have bracelets to get in and out of your rooms which is smart since most of the time you are walking around in your bathing suit. The kids get wolf ears and his were special because it was his birthday, which was nice.

After we checked in, we went and put things in our rooms. It was an upgrade from a standard room, called the Kid’s Camp. It had 2 bunk beds. I wasn’t impressed with the room and the bed was not that comfortable. The kids didn’t even sleep in the bunks and those were very hard mattresses. There was also only one kids channel and it was the characters from the hotel in a cartoon story book thing. The kids were not happy about that. There was a fridge in the room and that’s an essential when traveling with kids.

After changing we went to the pool and it was a bit overwhelming for me, but the kids had the best time! They wore themselves out and I treated myself to a glass of wine from the tiki bar. We swam for a bit, showered and then went to story time. Show up early if you want to sit somewhere- it was packed!

The kids were tired but worked up, so bed time took a while. With our room I bought a breakfast voucher for the next day. If you have this option, grab it! It’s a great deal. They had more than enough gluten and dairy free options to choose from in a buffet style and I wasn’t worried about cross contamination. They made GF pancakes and waffles per request.They had scrambled eggs, hash browns, mixed veggies, bacon and an omelet station. You got a drink with the meal and there was also fresh fruit. We left full and happy.

Check out is 11am, so we checked out after breakfast and headed to the pool one last time. We didn’t have enough time to check out all of the other activities, one night is just not enough for that. They do offer a lot for the kids to do, but it is a little pricey.

My favorite part about Great Wolf is how far they have come to accommodate food allergies. Did you know it’s an entirely nut free facility? I was floored when they told me that! They even had to negotiate with the Starbucks located inside about not carrying nut milks!

They have one sit down restaurant, a buffet, a small pizza place, an ice cream parlor and a snack shack. The restaurant has a safe kitchen area and separate oven and if someone comes in to eat with celiac they make sure that the table has been cleaned properly so there are no issues. The cooking staff attends trainings about food allergies and I had the pleasure to speak with the head chef who takes this very seriously. They are knowledgeable about all of the common food allergies and are working hard to accommodate them. If you go to the restaurant to eat (that is what they recommend if you are celiac or allergic) the chef will come out and talk to you about safe items, prepare it for you personally and then bring it to you!

I was very impressed with the fact that they care so much. It is wonderful to take your family on vacation and not have to worry about packing meals or leaving the site to go and get food. You can come here and enjoy yourself without that extra worry. We will be going back for sure, hopefully a bit longer next time.
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