Giveaway and Review of SAFE + FAIR Food Company

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This Giveaway and Review of SAFE + FAIR Food Company post is sponsored by SAFE + FAIR Food Company. I believe in sharing all of the gluten free goodness with you and you are going to love these delicious snacks. Thank you SAFE + FAIR Food Company!

Who is SAFE + FAIR Food Company?


Two best friends who were frustrated with the lack of healthy allergy free options for their kids decided enough was enough and formed the SAFE + FAIR Food Company together. They wanted to offer healthy and affordable options for other families who were having the same frustrations as them.

Fast forward to now and they have created a website where you can shop by allergy! I love that! They offer a ton of delicious snacks that follow 16 proprietary measures to make sure they are made with the highest quality. One thing I really love about the SAFE + FAIR Food Company is that they donate 3% of the proceeds to the Sean N. Parker Center for Asthma and Allergy Research. As a child who suffered from asthma and allergies, this really hits home for me.

Giveaway and Review of SAFE + FAIR Food Company

All of the chip flavors laid out on a table

When I first received my box full of snacks I was impressed with how much there was and all of the flavors. There are 2 different styles of chips with a lot of flavors to choose from. They also make a granola with multiple flavors as well, amazing! We love to snack over here, so I was super excited to give them all a try!

They have 2 types of chips to choose from, Popcorn Quinoa Chips and Pea Protein Chips.

Pea Protein Chips in a bowl

The Pea Protein Chips come in Sweet Jalapeno, Sea Salt, and Hickory BBQ. All 3 were delicious and we each found our new favorites. My Hubby loved Sweet Jalapeno, I loved the Sea Salt, and my daughter wanted the BBQ.

The Popcorn Quinoa chips were amazing. They come in Sweet & Salty Kettle, Olive Oil & Sea Salt, and Sweet Sriracha. I loved all of the flavors, but legit had to put the bag down when I tasted the Sweet & Salty Kettle. Yum!!

The Granola blew me away and I loved how they used puffed rice to make it. Yogurt and granola is a fan favorite in our home and we all love our own variation of it. There are 4 amazing flavors to choose from- Birthday Cake, Chocolate, Blueberry Cinnamon, and Sweet & Salty Kettle.

Bags of granola with a yogurt parfait

The first flavor I tried was the Blueberry Cinnamon. I made a simple dairy free yogurt parfait and topped the granola with this. It was delicious. The kids were all over the Chocolate, and with good reason, it was amazing! The Birthday Cake is so much fun especially for food allergy kids because they often have to go without fun and exciting flavors. Once again I could not control myself with the Sweet & Salty Kettle. I’m thinking that is my flavor.

Safe and Fair granola with a yogurt parfait

Where can I get SAFE + FAIR products?

Right now they are only available online, but do not fret, they have an awesome sale going on right now!

Use the code LFGF and get 20% off your order, plus free shipping!

This deal is only available until March 15th, so don’t wait! Plus, you are going to love having these snacks on hand. Did I mention how affordable these snacks are? You are getting a great deal on the regularly priced snacks, so with the 20% off, its a steal. STOCK UP!

On top of the great 20% off promo, SAFE + FAIR is giving one of my readers a prize pack with all of the gluten free snacks they offer. These snacks are dairy free as well!

Safe and Fairy granola flavors

Here is what you can win!

  • 1 bag of each flavor of our Top 8 Free Granolas
    • Blueberry Cinnamon
    • Chocolate
    • Birthday Cake
    • Sweet & Salty Kettle
  • 1 bag of each flavor of our Pea Protein Chips
    • Sea Salt
    • Hickory BBQ
    • Sweet Jalapeño
  • 1 bag of each flavor of our Popcorn Quinoa Chips
    • Olive Oil & Sea Salt
    • Sweet Sriracha
    • Sweet & Salty Kettle

Plus a coffee mug and a chip clip! This giveaway is awesome, make sure to come back everyday and enter to win!

How do I enter to win the SAFE + FAIR Epic Snack Giveaway?

Good luck my friends and thank you again to THE SAFE + FAIR Food Company for this awesome giveaway.



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