If you follow my newsletter or social media then you have seen that I just did my first ever free meal planning challenge and 4 week program. It has been so much fun and the feedback I have received has made me decide to keep the party going.

I am now launching the  Meal Planning Program for June and I am so excited. It is 4 weeks of meals but so much more. The program provides tools to help you learn how to meal plan if you want to do it on your own.

Why meal planning? Meal planning reduces stress and helps you to save money and stay healthy. When you have food allergies this is incredibly important to set your family up for success.

Here is a post I wrote about How to reduce Your Stress by Meal Planning.

What is included in this meal plan? Here is the breakdown of what you will be getting.

Cost $59.00

50% off right now!  $29.50 is your cost

·         4 Weeks of Meals: Breakfast and Dinner with lunch suggestions e-mailed to you on the Friday before so you have the weekend to shop. (Gluten Free and Dairy Free)

·         Grocery List

·         Facebook Group Mastering Meal Planning where you can share and ask questions.

·         Your guide to meal planning

·         4 Live Videos, one per week talking about the meal plan, answering questions and providing support.

·         PDF Build Your GF Pantry

·         Printable Meal Plan and Grocery List Templates for you to use.

If you would like a guaranteed spot to sign up for this program the link is HERE. The first 10 people to sign up get my e-book Cold Weather Comforts for free with the program that is a $6.99 value.

If you need a more one-on-one and intimate experience- I offer that as well.

Here is the link and good luck! Claim my spot in the Meal Planning Program

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