Garden Lites Super Food Veggie Cakes Review

by Living Freely Gluten Free


It took me a few trips through Costco to realize that they carried the Garden Lites Super Food Veggie Cakes. When I took a look at the box I realized that the number one ingredient is vegetables and that they were gluten free, dairy free, nut-free, Non-GMO, and Good Housekeeping Nutritionist Approved. I needed some healthy, quick and easy foods for the freezer. Staying healthy and having things that are simple to just heat and serve can become a challenge when you have food allergies. These delicious veggie cakes have become my go-to.


They are the perfect snack for anytime you feel hungry. At only 100 calories per cake, I never think twice about grabbing this as a snack. The taste is phenomenal, it fills me up and its super healthy.



I have served these as a side dish with dinner, but my personal favorite way to eat these is for breakfast! After getting the kids out of the house in the morning for school, I am starving. I really don’t like cooking breakfast because I am simply not a morning person. The superfood veggie cakes remind me of a crustless quiche or frittata. I pop 2 of these in the toaster oven and then devour them with a cup of coffee while I get to work on the computer. It is so easy and they are really truly delicious.



They fill me up and give me plenty of energy to get to work until its lunch time.



I love that I can buy the big box at Costco, or if I am at Target I can grab some too. They are easy to find, Click the link to locate them at a store near you and for coupons-Find Veggie Cakes. A lot of times when I find something that is healthy, allergen free and I enjoy, the only place to purchase them is at the health food store. Unfortunately there isn’t one near by that I can just run to anytime. When I can find a product like this that is carried in so many of my stores I become loyal to it.


If your kids are old enough to use a microwave this is perfect for them to make their own snacks. You can cook them in the oven or microwave and it is fast! My husband loves putting these in his lunchbox because he can warm them up at work, it fills him up and its healthy. So much better for you and cheaper than having to grab breakfast or lunch somewhere else.



If you have food allergies you know how important it is to bring your own food when you travel. These are great for keeping in your hotel fridge for a few days and warming them up when you need something. I just recently traveled and was having a hard time finding food that I felt safe eating. I was kicking myself for not packing some of these.



I would recommend these delicious veggie cakes for kids and adults! I can’t get enough of them!






Garden Lites is kind of enough to do a giveaway of their best products. Head over to my Facebook page and enter to win!

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