Garden Lites Super Food Mac & Cheese Review

by livingfreelygf

If you follow my blog then you have read many recent posts with reviews and praises about one of my favorite companies, Garden Lites. I was thrilled that when they came out with this AMAZING new dish, Super Foods Mac & Cheese– they reached out to me to try it , review it, and share a post on my website.

I was not compensated for this post. Garden Lites sent me product to sample and share my honest review. 

I am always looking for fast and easy things to keep on hand for the kids, or myself. The freezer is my friend and I keep a stock pile in it. I have a deep freezer in the garage and it is typically full at all times. If there is a situation- I need things that my husband can make without stress. The kitchen is my friend, but my husband is for sure frenemies with cooking. So, items like this Super Foods Mac & Cheese really do come in handy and save the day.

My daughter and I do not tolerate dairy, so this venture was up to the boys to sample and share. I loved how easy it was, I mean what’s better than popping it into the microwave or toaster oven? I love the amount of veggies in this as well, plus its GLUTEN FREE my friends!!!!

As a mom, my first question before purchasing ANYTHING is what’s in this and how does this nourish us? The first ingredient in this is a vegetable blend made of butternut squash, cauliflower and kale. Ummm… yes please. That is exactly why I am so madly in love with Garden Lites, they are making my life easier one product at a time. When I see that as the first ingredient, plus labeled gluten free, then its a go.

In my quest for a limited amount of processed foods, my kids have not eaten a lot of mac and cheese in their lifetime. In the last year they discovered it and ask for it more often now. It has been something that I avoid as much as possible, until now. If I am going to feed them something it needs to serve a purpose and contain nutrients, not just be junk. We have found a compromise. I now have a Super Foods Mac & Cheese that I feel good about and the kids are excited about it.

Also, as a parent of a child with food intolerances, one of the hardest parts is when your kids go to someone else’s home. Birthday parties and play dates are something that is a regular part of life. As a parent I need things that I can send my kids with. These are perfect to send with your kids and maybe some muffins for breakfast in the morning if its a sleepover.

So here is another slam dunk from Garden Lites! I would recommend the Super Foods Mac & Cheese. You can find this at most Kroger, Harris Teeter, Ralphs, Dylan, Fry’s, Fred Meyer, Kings Soopers & Shop Rite stores. I found mine at my local Fred Meyer. Below is a product finder and coupon.

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