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Crispy Fajita Chicken- Gluten Free, Dairy Free- One Pan Dinner


Summer vacation is over for many. Ours is ending soon. While having some exciting outings and visiting our family in California was fun, we are ready for school to start. My kids are incredibly social, and being home all day doesn’t work well after a few weeks. The summer break in our school district is much longer then what we were used to in California. We also got a heat wave that made going to bed very difficult. So while we enjoyed our summer, we are ready for school and to get back into the swing of our school schedule.




This is an exciting year because my 3 year old will be attending preschool! It is only a few hours a day 3 times a week, but she asks to go every single day. My 6 year old calls it, “baby school”, so every day she asks to be taken to baby school. She doesn’t quite understand the concept of days or weeks, so everyday I think she hopes that today is the day she gets to go to school.


My son loved kindergarten and especially loved riding the bus. Every morning when we would walk him to the bus stop my daughter would cry to go along with him. She is so eager to grow up, but I want to keep her home with me a little longer. This was the first year that my son was gone at school all day, and it was nice to have that alone time with her that we never had before.


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I will also be co-president of the PTO for our elementary school. This school year should be exciting and busy for all of us. I started preparing a few weeks ago by shopping for sales on clothes and essentials the kids will need. I finished school supply shopping last week, and this week I am starting to focus on the snacks that they will take to school. I like to keep a box or bag in the classroom with snacks for my son to choose from, and then some treats like Katz Gluten Free donuts or cupcakes to keep in the freezer if there is a party or if treats will be served at school. 
It’s also an excellent time to get on a Meal Planning Program, or to start creating your own meal plans around your family schedule. I like to keep dinner simple on nights that I know we are busy.




One of my favorite meals to make that is delicious and healthy is a one pan dinner. It keeps things simple, and doesn’t dirty a ton of dishes. 
This one pan crispy chicken fajita dinner is simple and versatile. You can simply slice the chicken and stuff tortillas for fajitas. You could use it as filling for burritos, make a crispy taco, or what I did was make a fajita bowl. I made my cilantro lime rice, heated a can of beans, chopped a tomato and avocado, and topped it with salsa. 




It was easy and delicious. I coated the chicken with my favorite chips. Miltons makes the most delicious chips that are gluten and dairy free, so they are a winner in my house. I used the Green Chili Salsa Chips for this chicken. I simply crushed the chips with my food processor. It made the perfect crunchy coating with a kick!




Miltons is one of our favorite gluten free brands and they have fun snack bags that are perfect for school lunches. They are gracious enough to give away a snack pack to one of my readers!  

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Crispy Fajita Chicken


2 Bell Peppers (any color, sliced)

1 Onion (sliced)


1 TBSP. Avocado Oil


1 lb. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast


½ Cup White Rice Flour


2 Eggs (beaten)


1 Cup Crushed MiltonsGreen Chile Chips (crushed)


1.       Preheat oven to 450°F.


2.       Slice chicken breast in half lengthwise.


3.       In a bowl, toss the onions and bell peppers with the fajita seasoning and avocado oil. Lay evenly on the baking sheet, but leave enough room for the chicken.


4.       Lightly spray the area for the chicken with non-stick cooking spray. I use Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Spray.


5.       Coat the chicken in this order: white rice flour, eggs, crushed chips. Lay on baking sheet and repeat for each piece of chicken.


6.       Bake for 20 minutes. You can serve the chicken and peppers as fajitas, tacos, stuffing for a burrito, or as a fajita bowl like I did. I simply added rice, beans, tomato, avocado and salsa in a bowl with the peppers and chicken.


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