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This Buy Your Car Online with Joydrive post is sponsored by Joydrive. All of these opinions are my own. Sponsored posts help to cover the costs of running this website and I believe in sharing all of the gluten free goodness with you! Thank you Joy Drive.

I am switching gears a little here for this post, but only because I know you will appreciate it! I know that I am not the only one that thinks visiting a car dealership, especially with a toddlers, might be one of the most stressful activities as a parent (and who am I kidding, my 7 year old would make it a nightmare too). There is nothing worse than hearing the words, “Let me check with my manager,” when your toddler is tired, hungry, and on the verge of a monumental tantrum.

I want to share with you my nightmare of a car buying experience a couple of years ago. We had been in Washington for about 6 months and needed a larger vehicle that was more comfortable to travel in and that also would be able to withstand the weather of Washington. I knew what I wanted and had to search for it. Once I found it, it was at a dealership that was a 45 minute to an hour drive from my house. At the time, my daughter was 1 and my son was 5. I had no help with the kids here since our family is in CA and the thought of going to a dealership with both of them stressed me out to no end.

My husband had to get off of work to go and start the paper work, he then had to drive back to our house 45 minutes south so we could take one car back to the dealership and I could drive the new car home. He wouldn’t buy it without me seeing it and driving it, so all of this happened with two little ones who wanted dinner and a bath. Even though we did as much prep as we could, we still spent almost 2 hours at the dealership finishing everything up. Let me tell you, I was ready to sign whatever- just to get out of there! That is not what car buying should be! It’s an exciting and important purchase.

I want to introduce you to the future of car buying, its called Joydrive. In full transparency, I have not used this site, but I have every intention of using it for our next car purchase, and I encourage you all to take a look. If Joydrive would have been around then I would have saved myself a ton of stress.

Joydrive is determined to make your car buying process a fun, hassle-free, easy, and transparent process for all customers.

Joydrive allows you to purchase a car from a dealership, without ever having to visit a dealership. Yes, everything that you would have access to inside a dealership- that would take over 6 hours of your time on the weekend, is available to you through Joydrive. That includes your trade in, getting the purchase financed, or adding crossbars for you outdoor enthusiasts. Joydrive lets you do the entire transaction from your couch and on your own time, which removes the stress and anxiety of visiting the dealership.

Joydrive is all about giving customers their time back. Rather than spending 6 hours in a dealership signing paperwork and waiting for the dreaded, “let me check with my manager,” Joydrive lets customers complete the entire process hassle-free online- including trade-in, financing, and home delivery.

While buying a car that is a big purchase that is stressful in itself, removing the anxiety and stress of visiting a dealership- while still being able to trust you are buying a car from a reputable company, seems like a great improvement. Plus, every purchase comes with a 5 day return period with the deposit being fully refundable.  Some of Joydrive’s most loyal customers are families with multiple jobs and kids and they simply don’t have the time to spend an entire Saturday at a dealership.


You might be skeptical, or think that its too good be true, but its not! Joydrive is the first company to partner directly with dealerships. Customers are buying the vehicles directly from the dealerships and still getting all of the amenities that come from that, from follow-up service to floor mats. Customers just get to do it all online, on their own time.

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