Back to Fall Routine

by livingfreelygf
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Fall is almost here and I can not wait! It is absolutely my favorite season and I will bask in everything pumpkin! Having two school aged kids means we need a back to fall routine for our back to school schedule. Personally, I thrive on routine and need it in order to get through each day successfully. Without it I get sidetracked and don’t finish any tasks.

The most important part of my back to fall routine is coffee in the morning. Seriously, I am a tired mama and I need that caffeine before anyone talks to me. My back to school schedule has me waking up at least an hour before the kids, so that I can get at least one good cup of coffee in before packing lunches, snacks, making breakfasts, and supervising everyone getting ready in the morning. After the hustle, it is off to drop them off at school and sit in school traffic. That is when I need that second cup of coffee to kick in, so I don’t lose it!

Back to Fall Routine

Funny story- I am usually horrible at making coffee. I make amazing recipes, but somehow I am always able to ruin coffee. That was until I purchased my Mr. Coffee® Easy Measure 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker at Target. The Mr. Coffee® Easy Measure 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker has many features that make it simple to make the perfect pot of coffee. The first being that it includes a color coded measuring system that tells you exactly how much coffee to water ratio. This was a legit game changer for me!

There is also a freshness indicator for when I set up the pot of coffee the night before with a timer to brew the next morning. Some other features that I love are the advanced water filtration- it removes up to 97% of chlorine and targets calcium to reduce water hardness. We have horrible hard water here, so this has been awesome!

Back to School Schedule

There is also a clean cycle, pause and serve, and a 4 hour shut off. Some mornings are busy and we are running out the door, so the shut off is an awesome feature. Mr. Coffee® keeps making coffee simple and uncomplicated, every day life is complicated enough- my coffee doesn’t need to be. Simple and uncomplicated is where I am at and that is why I trust Mr. Coffee® to get my morning off on the right foot.

Learn more about the new Mr. Coffee® Easy Measure 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker in the   Good Housekeeping Magazine Article HERE.

Now that we have the most important part of the back to fall routine and back to school schedule handled. Here is some details about how I keep us on a schedule.

What is my Back to School Schedule?

  • It really starts the night before, so the next morning has very little chaos. The kids shower the night before and I ask them what they want for breakfast and in their lunchbox. That way when I get up I have everything prepared.
  • We lay clothes out the night before and the next morning the kids wake up to their alarm clocks, get dressed, brush teeth, and then I assist with fixing their hair.
  • I also program my Mr. Coffee® Easy Measure 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker to brew 15 minutes before I wake up, so there is a hot fresh pot of coffee when I get downstairs.
  • After my first cup of coffee I answer emails, post to social media, and start making breakfast.
  • Once breakfast is done, the kids come down to eat and I either get myself presentable for school drop off, or work on dishes.
  • I then pack their lunches quickly, fill up water bottles, and head off to school.

Having those first few things done and ready the night before sets up the foundation for a successful morning. I hate stressful mornings where were rushing, because I don’t want to send them to school feeling frazzled.

Do you have a back to fall routine or back to school schedule that sets you up for success? If you do please share in the comments!


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