Spiritual Coaching Session with Alexis Donkin

January 24, 2017Living Freely Gluten Free

With a new year here and living freely gluten free growing every day, I decided that I needed a little outside help for perspective and to validate some thoughts and feelings about moving on and progressing with the website.

I had a moment when I thought that this might not succeed. I gave too much of myself away and lost sight of my goals. I needed to step away as much as I could for a little bit and regain my strength and clarity. During that time I thought about other things I might be happy doing with my life.

I purchased online real estate school as my Christmas gift from my husband. I started it about 3 years ago and never finished because of life’s obligations. I decided now would be time. After getting my energy back I realized that Living Freely Gluten Free was my passion. The fire in me began to burn again and I trekked on moving forward mindfully to have realistic expectations and to keep myself a priority in order to not burnout.

This was just another step in my journey. I had to fall, pick myself up and brush myself off. I also needed a hug and a glass of wine. I am here now, ready to rock. I still needed some outside perspective and decided an intuitive spiritual coach would be the one thing to get this year into perspective and to help me create my goals for the year.

I was fortunate enough to find Alexis Donkin of http://www.alexisdonkin.com/. She is a spiritual teacher who can help you with love and guidance to find your way back to your path or help you break through your blocks. She was definitely what I needed and I can’t wait to work with her again.

I explained what was holding me back and what my goals were. She reminded to follow my inner compass and move towards what felt good but not to be afraid or nervous of the change. She used her intuitive abilities to help me think of some ideas that I might have not thought of but looked promising to her. One of which I had actually just started thinking about but didn’t feel I could tackle yet. Her words inspired me to push through my wall and go for it.

She gave me excellent tips for balance the work and mom life. She told me to take more care of myself by offering ideas that can help me clear my mind while also being a good mom. She also reminded me that in order for me to be a good mom and wife I must allow myself time to be me. I must allow myself to work and to not feel guilty because I am setting an amazing example for my children as they watch me build this from the ground up.

Her beautiful and warm energy gave me a virtual hug through the computer screen. Her warmth and beauty vibrated right into the room I was in. I left the session feeling happy, energized, validated and just really freaking good. I knew after that session I wanted to do it again. Quarterly checkups should suffice.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience and I would highly recommend her. If you are a spiritual person and want to connect with a highly spiritual and intuitive coach she is definitely the person for you.

Find here her http://www.alexisdonkin.com/. Good luck on your journey in 2017!

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