Turkey Wrap

September 7, 2016Living Freely Gluten Free

I love wraps but I do not eat them often these days. These are perfect for school lunches or picnics, just to switch it up from a plain sandwich.

You can keep it simple or dress these up as much as you would like. Some other ideas might be a veggie wrap (recipe to come in the future) as you could add more veggies and maybe some hummus for protein instead of the turkey.

Lunch is my least favorite meal. I usually cook breakfast and I always cook dinner. During the middle of the day I am busy trying to contain the disasters that are happen in each room of the house. I am usually trying to work and entertain a 2 year old at the same time, so I really don’t want to deal with lunch.

I really get tired of sandwiches. I am not a big fan. Before going gluten free I loved wraps and would eat them often. These would be fun to make pinwheels with for a party.

These Ingredients are per wrap

Gf Tortilla

3 Slices of Turkey

1 Slice of Cheese (I used lactose free Yogurt Cheese)

½ Tsp. Mayo

½ Avocado

1 Cup of Spinach Leaves

½ Tomato


On your tortilla Layer mayo, avocado, turkey, cheese (optional) tomato, spinach . Roll up and carefully slice in half if desired.

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