Why my entire family takes a probiotic every day…

August 1, 2016Living Freely Gluten Free

I started taking a probiotic about 5 months ago and the difference I feel is dramatic. It really helps keep my belly bloat gone, it helps my immune system and it helps me generally feel better. I am hooked and I take it every day. When I forget to take it for a few days I can totally tell the difference.

I started my daughter on a probiotic because when we moved to Washington State she started suffering from eczema around her mouth. I knew it wasn’t food related because nothing in her diet changed and it wasn’t an issue when we lived in CA. I tried everything, including a topical steroid. The last thing (regretting) I tried was the probiotic and after about 4-5 days of it the rash cleared up. As long as she is taking it the rash stays away.

I told my Husband he should just try it because it worked so well for me and he likes it as well.

After- No Rashes!

I give it to my 5 year old Son because he has some behavior spurts and I am willing to try anything. It does make a difference in him. He especially seems to eat more healthily and just in a better mood when he takes it daily.


This Olly’s Kid Multi Vitamin plus probiotic is what my kids get every day. It does not have any food coloring, preservatives or nasty ingredients that we like to avoid. It’s a little gummy and my kids get excited about taking it. They are also gluten free and dairy free.

My Husband and I use the TruNature brand probiotic. It is gluten free and dairy free, affordable and I really like it.

If you are on the fence about adding probiotics into your family then take my word and give it a try. It can’t hurt and if you or anyone in your family takes antibiotics then it is a must! Keep your gut healthy!!!

A lot of our health starts with our gut and when you have suffered any period of time with a food allergy and damaging your gut it is important to get everything back to normal. A probiotic is an excellent aid in helping your gut healing. It is also a must if you have to take any antibiotics for any reason.

Have you taken a probiotic? Do you feel a difference?

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