My Dogs Life was saved by Going Grain Free

August 6, 2016Living Freely Gluten Free

My Dogs Life was saved by Going Grain Free

Today I am bringing a real meaning to the term “gluten free family”. Not only is my Husband, Myself and our two kids gluten free but our two dogs are as well and this is why…

Five years ago I thought my dog was going to die. She began to throw up and have loose stools and it continued over a few days’ time, she stopped eating and was dehydrated. The vet suggested some things and nothing worked. She continued to grow sicker and sicker. I was preparing myself for the death of beloved dog, my first child and here I was sitting by her side helpless begging her to take a drink to eat a bite.

Two thousand dollars later with our entire savings depleted I had ZERO answers. They did every test I could buy with nothing to show. I was PISSED. Now here I was with no more savings and I had to go home and watch my dog die!

The last stitch effort my vet suggested was putting her on a steroid, that was the cheapest option we had been offered thus far so I happily and optimistically obliged.

I began to do my own research. Because you know, that seems to be the only thing that gets answers.

I was curious; could dogs have food allergies like I do? Well, yes… yes they can. I was convinced that food was the culprit. I began making her own food and attempting to nurse her back to health. Along with the steroid it was working.

Our other little dog is grain free by default

She slowly began eating boiled chicken and then I transitioned her onto a grain free diet. She continued to need the steroid for a few years after. We tried to take her off at one point and she began to act sick again. Maybe her gut had not healed yet?

Fast forward five years later and my girl is an OLD LADY. She is at least 17 years old now (we rescued her so we do not have an exact age) but she acts like she is a pup sometimes. She suffers major tooth decay and she has had it since we rescued her 14 years ago. My best guess? Food related, how did you know?

Puppy Love

I wanted to share this with you so you can share this with someone else. If you or someone you know has or had a sick animal and you cannot seem to get them better, please try changing them to a grain free diet and see what happens!!! It saved my Sallie’s life and now she is also living freely gluten free.

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