Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

August 30, 2016Living Freely Gluten Free

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie
Vegan, Gluten Free

This morning my 5 year old requested a smoothie. I never turn that down because it is my chance to shine. My opportunity to throw whatever I want into a drink and he will drink all of it with zero complaints and with a smile on his face.

We kind of had slim pickings over here and I made this up on a whim and it turned out delicious. It took him all of 45 seconds to drink what he described as a chocolate cherry milkshake.

So, hand this to your kids and tell them it’s a milkshake and stand by with a grin while they finish every…last…drop.


2 Bananas

½ Cup Green Veggies (We used frozen broccoli because I am out of spinach)

1 ½ Cups Frozen Cherries

1 Tbsp. Ground Flax Seed

1 ½ Tbsp. Cocoa Powder

½ Cup Almond Milk


Add all of the ingredients to your blender and turn allow it to blend until it is smooth. Enjoy!

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