Breakfast Burrito (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

August 8, 2016Living Freely Gluten Free

Breakfast Burrito

This morning I was hangray. Not hungry but hangray. I bought some tortillas this morning just to have on hand (for an emergency quesadilla) and decided to make some breakfast burritos with them.

Who doesn’t love a Breakfast Burrito? Well, if you don’t turn it into a Breakfast Taco. Everyone loves tacos.  I enjoy a breakfast burrito but my Husband really loves them and I made it because I knew he would really enjoy it, and he did.

Most days I eat an egg scramble with whatever veggies we have. I also love avocado, salsa and green onions on top of it. I decided to basically make that but stuff it in a tortilla.

When my Husband saw that the usual AM egg scramble had turned into a burrito he hung around the kitchen and didn’t get too far. (He is notorious for disappearing to the garage) As soon as he hears, “time to eat.” He was headed for the kitchen table.


Your favorite GF tortillas (I used Mission)

1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil

3 Tbsp. Chopped Onion

2 Slices of Ham diced (or bacon or both)

4 Eggs Beaten

Green Onions



(If you have some fried potatoes or Spanish rice they would taste great!)


In a skillet melt the oil and sauté your veggies (leave tomatoes raw and green onions raw). Once veggies are slightly tender add egg and scramble with the ham. Heat your tortillas and then fill them with egg mixture, tomato and anything else you would like. Roll them up and garnish with salsa and green onion. Enjoy!

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